I'm an adult.....rant

Just have to say that I HATE HATE HATE the program ‘I’m an adult, get me out of here’ from RTE with an absolute vengeance.

The thrust of the program is solely to belittle and ridicule those who do not wish to mortgage the next 40 years of their life for a shoebox. It is of little surprise then that the presenter is a self-confessed property investor, whose Simon Cowel attitude of criticism and scorn has gotten worse as the property market mirage disappears before his eyes. It is quite obvious this program is being used to tap into potential demand in a vain psychological attempt to force buyers onto the market.

It flies in the face of RTE’s own ‘Programme Standards and Guidelines’ where is says, and I quote from the ‘Impartiality’ heading:

I’ve sent this to RTE Complaints and the Broadcasting Complaints Commission. Whether or not it gets anywhere is another story, but merely making them aware of our misgivings is something. If the series gets much worse, and no decent reply from RTC/BCC, I’ll go to my TD.

We cannot let people with vested interests be given prime-time slots to air their spin with no challenge. I do not pay a TV license for programs which are nothing more than marketing platforms for desperate VIs and EAs. Permanent TSB bank had an ad a few months back, along similar lines to this show, which they have stopped showing. It would be too egotistical of me to think it was just because I sent in a complaint, but maybe enough people did also? Who knows, except that ad targeting young couples to rush into a lifetime of debt is now off the air.

I hope you will support if you have the same opinion. It only takes an email. With the PIN exceding 13,000 unique hits this month, that would surely send a powerful message, maybe even one that would be picked up by media outlets less inclined to bow to property interests.


Here Here!

We are paying RTE with the license fee after all!


The presenter should be advising the participants that, at the moment, rents are lower than the interest on a mortgage and therefore renting is currently a good option. This would be a balanced approach.

But instead he urges them to get on “the ladder” at all costs.

No you are not alone this program gets under my skin in a big way, i wrote a complaint to them about this a few weeks back.
I pointed out that it was lacking balance of any kind, ie people (often very gullible) being pushed into buying properties they could not really afford.
I got a response saying the program was not controlled by rte and they did not determine content blah blah blah. Pass the buck, whatever… Some of your liscence fee pays for this kind of drivel but don’t forget that some of it is paying to keep that brass necked yoke from Mayo in the dail! My blood boils this is our money!!! Write some mails to rte guys, come on! As a side note i started a thread on daft.ie on the ersi report yesterday and it never appeared? I’ve done this before on other things no problem. No other posts have appeared on the report on the site either, i wonder are they holding stuff back there as debate there has been very unrestrained up to now (I know most of it’s mud slinging and name calling)

I think the programme is fantastic.


I’ve only watched it once, for 10 minutes. That’s as much as I could stomach. As has already been pointed out, even the concept of the thing is insane. Encouraging single people to get out and BUY BUY BUY property at all cost (and most of them can’t really seem to afford it) is shameful. No wonder we’re in the property mess we’re in. :angry: The programme should be scrapped immediately.

i’ve noticed this on daft as well. Whenever their is positive news out (like the latest rental report) it is possible to get 4 or 5 posts up in a few hours. If there is negative news out the board seems to grind to a halt and you’d be lucky if a post made in the morning makes it up for the next evening.

I guess they are trying to look after their own interests really. I was always surprised at the level open debate including a lot of bearish stuff when you consider that they are a VI. Posts take a long time to get up there, maybe i will be barred :slight_smile:

When in business, don’t insult your customers. The namecalling & goading to are the only methods to get FTB’s to buy vastly inflated property prices.
For what the show should be really called is: See my sig.

that is quality! LOL
There could be trouble with the moderators in the morning :slight_smile:

It’s only shaking a fist at the fact that he is a presenter of a house program thats encouraging people to buy and a director of a mortgage company. :wink:

Yep, thats “shaking a fist” all right .

Agreed ! In the same way we don’t pay our tv licence so that RTE can give away €1.5 million to a Mayo TD !!

Forget Denmark , somethings rotten in this State of Ireland ! :imp: :imp:

I must admit I actually like the show.

Firstly, the main point of the show is that the participant is usually well old enough to be out of the family home. Personally I don’t think it’s a good idea for thirty somethings (which many of the participants are) to be still living at home with the parents and getting everything served up to them. So poking fun at this kind of lifestyle is OK in my view and often done quite humourously (and seldom in bad taste).

I notice that nearly all participants are from Dublin. I guess that’s a bit of a city/country divide. Probably something to do with the fact that most people from the country leave their home area for college or whatever when they’re 18. Whereas city people often can stay with parents throughout college and first jobs etc.

If you saw any of the last few episodes, you’ll have seen that he bought the participant to see a few rental properties, explaining that this was cheaper than purchasing, and gets them out of the family home. But the participants couldn’t see the value in that as they were living rent free with Mam and Dad. He also did point out that the market is no where near as strong as it was in the first series, and that you can negotiate a discount on the asking price.

In an episode a few weeks ago, the voice over at the end stated that the two brothers involved decided to pull out of the sale-agreed that they had on a second hand appartment. And last week, the end result was that the girl decided it’s better off living at home than paying huge money for a property that she just wasn’t happy with.

Having said all that, the one thing that does shock me is the size of a loan he seems to be able to obtain for people with very low salaries. This bit is irresponsible IMHO, and the whole idea of stress testing for changed circumstances should be pointed out a bit more.

I saw that as well. The girl was earning € 26,000 and was able to borrow €260,000, she dodged a bullet all right.

is she a civil servant ??? he had a teacher on a few weeks back who has a long scale to climb …yer man got 6x IIRC

10x is lunacy

I have emailed RTE complaints about this too.

It might also be worth sending comments to email bag on Today FM.
This is a morning slot where comments about TV programmes are read out & the likes are RTE are asked to comment on them. Heres a Link

I have to say the advice given on the programme is totally bias. As already mentioned the presenter giving it has a strong vested interest in the market.

Take for example Episode 3, were a father Fergus and daughter Ceanna goes on the programme as he needs a mortgage & advice on the property market

At one point in this episode fergus expresses concern over the state of the current property market after watching another RTE programme “future shock property crashâ€

Yes, yer man is a bit of a “fist shaker” alright 8)
(we’ll mod on this one shortly)

I think she was a research assistant and her father was acting as gaurantor, probably putting the family home on the line.

Can we rant on Diarmuid Gavin in this thread as well? I really really really really can’t stand him…I get a rash when i see him on tv.
Can we just blame him for something? Surely his whole garden talk has contributed to this whole mess as well? :slight_smile:

Ah he’s ok, but you can see the rise of these programmes with big budget participants in Ireland as an omnious sign of the times.

In comparison you have many UK programmes where the BUDGET is usually tiny (£100s not €1000s). Shows you at which pooint both markets are at :wink: