'Im desperately trying to get on the ladder' 11-02-2008

Looks like we’ve a ways further to go sentiment-wise


:unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

Did this absolute genius just wake up from a year long coma?

A joke surely? Some Pinster Prankster?


Be great if it was a pisstake. Unfortunately it’s probably not.

Can anyone someone up the energy to go over there set her straight? I’m not sure if I can. I somewhat loose the will to live when I read posts like that on AAM.

How do you mean? On AAM property prices have at least as much chance of going up as going down. You gotta be fair and balanced.

She seems to be on to a winning strategy.

Seriously though…the Credit Union loan for the deposit was a nice touch. Who’s the joker?


Kinda scary.
I dont understand her desperation. Surely everyone knows that the market is no longer going up. Any newspaper tells you this.

Makes me think this post is a pisstake.

It has to be a pisstake. Anyone and I mean anyone would have a friend/relative/work collegue to ask such basic questions. I don’t buy the ‘I am not educated line’, he/she was educated enough to go online and hold down a conversation. You could also sense the skepticism of the posters who replied as well. But what is the agenda, someone subliminally advertising a 2 bed in Maynooth at 280k, does that sound right?

Posting something like this on AAM would be a very sneaky way to troll the Pin by the back door…

Getting into conspiracy theory territory there though!

Its a false flag operation being carried out against the pin by myhome.ie or some other VI group. A conventional attack on the pin is out of the question given the fact it is armed with superior facts. Neutral AMM is being dragged into this despite it’s constitutional position that property is equally likely to go up or down. I wouldn’t rule out a nuclear attack from VIs at some point in the future.

The fact that the good folk on AAM appear to be taking this seriously and not telling her to cop the hell on or asking if its a pisstake is what has me rubbing my eyes in disbelief.

Looks like Whizzbang’s handiwork to me :angry:

of Geckko 8) . Its not me !

I really thought it was one of you people too.

I think she is genuine and I am not saying that to deflect attention either , not even from Geckko. 8)

She had a life plan and she is sticking to the life plan, the next item is probably a man at 29 …nothing to do with lust or anything but its in the plan…and married at 30 etc etc

These people with a plan generally never let reality get in their way.

I think she has no plan whatsoever :confused:
One minute she intends not living in her proposed purchase and the next minute she changes her mind :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t understand this.
You buy an apartment, it drops in value by 20%, you still owe a mortgage based on what you paid. How is that paper money?

Unless we’re talking about lots and lots of 500 Euro Notes.


Let’s hope the credit crunch doesn’t allow her to buy and thereby cut her financial throat.

Some people are stupid and it’s only the hard stretched financial institutions which will prove their safe guard :laughing: :laughing:

You know better than that. As all the Canny’s know, you don’t make a loss until you sell it. So really you’re just as well off as the day you bought it. Especially if it’s really “worth” what you paid for it. :unamused:

Finally, someone who shares my point of view!

Once you’re making a life for yourself and that special someone, the market and its bears/bulls/sheep can go off and do something useful like XD 8- BD 8DD