Imaginary bedrooms included ! … IOMA347963

Kitchen come bedroom anyone?

This is turning into farce to be honest.

I have a rule of thumb I live buy, I don’t buy houses that are shorter than my car.

What Ireland, a farce?

You might say that. But the whole attitude of screwing everyone else as much as possible(esp in the last 5 yrs in property here has gotten out of control), get every last penny out of the other guy and secure your wealth and future. The whole mind set is a farce is what I mean. Our government, roads are a farce to name but a few.

The underlying flaw in this…when it comes to money there are no ethics.

Good rule

OK, so it’s advertised as a 3 bed. But it’s not a 3 bed, it’s something that could “become” a 3 bed.

I wonder …

What if you made on offer of 330K,
but in the detail of the offer you made it clear that the offer consists of

  • 90K cash
  • Instructions on how to turn 90K into 330K using deposit accounts.

I’m not actually giving you 330K, I’m giving you something that could “become” 330K.


I bags the imaginary bedroom with the ensuite and the sunken jacuzzi !

Does the jacuzzi come with an imaginary blonde back scrubber?

if you use your imagination anythings possible :smiley:

I dunno… I’m very fussy about my imaginary Backscubbers

I kinda diasgree. You can’t iron greed out of human nature. The flaw in my opinion is in government policy, or lack thereof.

The governement’s failure to properly legislate (or otherwise monitor) planning regulations, mortgage lending criteria and infrastructural development is a national scandal and the true legacy of Alouisious and his cronies.

Why imagine? If that’s what you’re after then just buy in Belmayne. :smiley:

I just sent the following email to the agent:

I have a friend who lived in a very similar house on a nearby street - it didn’t even have one bedroom, merely a mezzanine above the living room. Judging from the size of this house, I imagine it’s the same.

Will see what they follow up with.


Mailed the agent and with no effect, so will pop off a form (by web) to the ASAI tomorrow:


You want to hear the sickening truth?

One of my parents friends is an Auctioneer and has been for years.

Back in the eighties all the cottages down in Ringsend couldnt be sold for 6,000 punt.

That’s about ten thousand yoyo right?

what percentage of an increase is that?

You could always divorce your parents, then you might not feel so sick. :wink: