Imaginary House - Swords Road

We have a long way to go.
Site for sale of 1/10 acre - Swords Road for 600K.
Its getting to the stage where you can put and an imaginary house
on a site for sale.

Wonder will I ring with an imaginary offer :angry:

I walked that road from Malahide to Swords recently. Took me about 45 minutes to get out of ‘Malahide’ when I got past Waterside but by that stage I was only 5 mins from Main St. Swords is alot smaller than Malahide you see

leet photoshopping skills in pic 1

Why stop with the exteriors? I’d like to see what the inside out the place might look like. Kinda like buying off your own plans…

In all seriousness though, €6 mill an acre?

10 houses on a 0.1 acre site !!!

Is there that much of a market for Wendy houses in Malahide ?