IMF delivers tough assessment of Irish economy

I herd on the news tonight Sean whelan saying the IMF are pushing for a write down on the bank debt, they did not think the Anglo deal was enough. Be interesting what will happen if there is a second bailout. There would almost certainly be a clash between the IMF and the EU over a proper write down on this debt.

Vinnie and his panel discussing the Imf Report now

They were in favour of a bondholder haircut in the first place but Tim Geithner shot that one down.

Can someone explain something to me about yesterday’s exchequer returns?

Is that €3,695 million for Q1, or is that the whole thing? Because to me it reads as Q1, but news reports make it sounds like the whole thing: … 72736.html

Which is it?

‘pulling in 8,816 million euro a year in taxes’

Jesus that’s terrible reporting even by the indo’s standards. Of course the target audience don’t have a clue.

It’s no wonder the target audience haven’t got a clue !! :angry:

that must be the lowest tax take in the world! :smiley: And as for people not having a clue about anything financial, economic or things that will destroy their lives you cant beat Camerons bull about reducing the debt when all the Tories have done is reduce the deficit slightly

And a pension timebomd to go with all that. … ar/2013/3/

But that’s just moving money around in the system. Transferring money from one bank account to another, and not really solving the problem.