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That won’t please Ireland’s 2 unelected policymakers - David Begg and Fr Sean Healy.
Every single benchmarking increase and budget giveaway they appeared angry and complained that it was not enough.
Will be fascinating to see how they react to a cutback

Only two? What about Turlough O’Sullivan?

In any event, excessive pay (at certain levels) of the public sector is not the Unions fault.

The Unions are sent into to bargain on behalf of their members and extract the best deal possible. Bertie signed the cheques.

Besides this “non-elected” point is nonsense. Do you think we should directly elect union leaders?

what a pity that the 2 brians have decided on their own that it will be 20%…Were there any others in the room with them?

I don’t care how they are elected - they should not have been in there in the first place.
Bertie’s whole “social partnership” model that foreigners were exhorted to follow has been exposed as a scam.
As soon as sacrifices were required the “partners” told him to f*ck off and called strikes and protests.
As soon as the ATM machine loaded by private sector workers ran dry the lobby groups showed absolutely NO PARTNERSHIP.
Bertie is a spineless populist.

No, union leaders and priests shouldn’t be anywhere near national policy decisions though.

Nor should IBEC leaders for that matter.

so called ‘partnership’ is a dead parrot , it is also undemocratic with too many deals done under ‘partnership’ and no oversight allowed in the Dáil . Should Begg have more power than Gilmore ??? I think not :frowning:

best cremate the thing for now.

Rick Flair said

That is the equivalent of saying " I took the sweets from the clhild and its not my fault the child couldnt defend itself" and its utterly fing proposterous that unions went into bargain (if they did) without giving a thought to the rest of society. Because if its true then they are nothing short of being a shower of greedy me fein mongrel bas*s and shows they are as much to blame for the economic position the country is in today as any politician or banker, developer, VI.

An excellent point!! I have been against this process ever since for the very reason that it undermines democratic governance. Even in the good days when everyone seemed pleased with the results, it was obvious that the very principle of this process is flawed. The policy should be made in the Dail by the elected representatives. Whether union leaders are elected by their members is utterly irrelevant - they are not elected by the voters and the same goes for Fr. Sean Healy. In fact they represent minority of population and workforce and should not have had the gravity to influence the policy decisions to the extent that they had.

Nail, hammer, head - social partnership has always been a one way bet and over time developped into a vessel for PS unions to easily milk the system. Bertie would agree to anything to keep his little cabal together - he’s a poxy little rat AFAIC

If union leaders or priests or anyone else for that matter want to change government policy let them set up their own political parties and let the voters decide on whether they want to accept or reject those policies.

You think the dail is an instrument for oversight???

There is no democracy in this country. Its a dictatorship of ‘the party’ who only have to buy an election once every 5 years

Begg and Healy are one thing, but for as long as I can remember, almost all of our policy making has been farmed out to ‘consultants’ who are even less accountable than Healy and Begg (considering the fact that we dont even know their names most of the time other than that they work for KPMG or some such agency

Back on topic please.

Has the IMF changed to IMFTBO the International Ministry For The Bleeding Obvious?

Not surprising these banksters are advocating that their fellow banksters continue to be bailed out by the state… Or that they see it clearly that its one or the other… dole/wages/services vs banksters.