IMF: Ireland does not need our help.

Reported by Reuters, 12th Feb 2009. … 9020090212

Blue Horseshoe

[comedy French accent]I told 'em zey don’t need us… hehehehe[/comedy French accent]

Here is a photo of the IMF Spokesperson , they don’t look very French to me , Circassian maybe ?? … liotus.jpg

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Stated no doubt between much licking of lips. :laughing:

[CFA]Your tee-shop iz an ‘amster an’ yur ministre de l’Economie iz not so 'ot as ours[/CFA]

I’ll get my beret and my string of onions…

…all we can do now is pray for them.

Hmm, I guess a few posts of contrition from all those who were setting their shirts on fire screaming “the IMF are going to come and take over!” was too much to hope for… :slight_smile:

We’re a monetary fund, not miracle workers…

I think what he meant is “Ireland is beyond our help”.

Fixed that for you :wink:

The IMF hasnt an arse in its trousers. Unless the white knight that is the ECB comes galloping over the hill, Biffo the clown will lead us all to our impending doom.

Two interesting points in this report:

  1. Someone put this question to
  • shit-stirring :mrgreen:
  1. I don’t know how the IMF usually respond to this type of speculative question, but the answer sounds poisonous to me

“The club board would like to restate their confidence in the manager, despite the current run of poor results. We envisage Mr X. seeing out his contract with the club in full.”

Kinda what I think of reading IMF statement… Of course IMF don’t have enough funds to keep the Leinster House tuck shop open right now…

as McW was saying yesterday the ECB is irelands imf

i hope they get rid of the imf or better still put mccreeevy there to completely fuck it up :laughing: .

I read this thread title as “IMF does not need our Help” :blush:

present tense, people…


doesnt need our help…YET!