IMF is forcing Ireland to let Walmart in

Contained in the IMF memorandum of understanding is the following condition that Ireland has to satisfy in order to draw down the IMF loans.

This condition was put in by the IMF to serve american retailer Walmart (which goes under the guise of Asda, in the UK).

Walmart has been lobbying the irish government for years, to allow them to build huge megastores alongside motorways and bypasses. These stores are massive, selling everything from cans of beans to appliances and tyres, 24 hours a day, 364 days a year. When a Walmart superstore moves into an american town, the entire town centre dies. All locally owned retail is killed off.

Walmart is also known for sneaky managment practices and bullying employees. They are a nightmare to work for.

There is no reason for the IMF to force Walmart on Ireland as it has no bearing on our fiscal deficit or banking solvency. These f*ckers need to be told where to go on this one.

Can they beat Lidl and Aldi, the two reasons that Wallmart pulled out of Germany.

Really? Any evidence of this? Was it ok that Ikea got their 250k sf store?

No, they killed off lots of locally owned businesses too. But I havent heard anything bad about Ikea, like Ive heard about Walmart. If you have any criticisms of Ikea why dont you post them up.

Are you sure thats the reason they pulled out of Germany? I heard that the reason they pulled out was because their german managers refused to use the bullying tactics and dirty tricks, that Walmart expects its managers to use on the floor staff.

There were a number of reasons they pulled out - one was they were losing money and another was the strong unions.

Germanys retail market was already cut throat before they moved in - the market was well extablished with Aldi/Lidl .

Incidently they pulled out of South Korea at around the same time.

Cheers for that info.

But the important point is that the IMF has no business facilitating Walmart in the Irish market because it has no bearing on the financial position of the state. Its completely irrelvant to the debt or deficit and should not be in the “Memorandum of Understanding”.

I’m surprised that you’ve had such an easy run to here SiegeMentality. Your argument is pure bollox.

The IMF is asking Ireland to remove rules that act as a restriction on competition by excluding certain business models at the behest of the established local market. That competition should facilitate the lowering of living costs which will lessen the impact of the wage deflation that we will most certainly see. This will therefore free up more disposable income for debt repayment, helping the IMF get their money back. Simple logic.

Would you like to declare any interest in the retail industry? What would your opinion be on, say, Bord Gais lobbying against high capacity gas lines into the country or the ESB lobbying against more efficient competitors in the marketplace in order to protect jobs in their companies.

Can you not make your point without resorting to cheap vulgarity?

No it wont lower living costs. Walmart is not any cheaper than Lidl. And Walmart customers will spend lots of money on petrol driving 50km down the motorway to get there, cancelling any savings.

More like false logic. Your suggested outcome is only one of many possible outcomes. Any savings made by shopping at the Walmart slave labour camp, would most likely be used to pay down houshold debt, rather than IMF loans.

The analogy is not valid. I dont care if Walmart or Bord Gais lobby Jackie Healy Rat. But I do object to them inserting conditions in binding foreign treaties, which is what the IMF Memorandum is.

No, I dont work in retail. I have no personal interest other than Ive seen how Walmart operate in america, and dont want that kind of unethical profit machine in my country.

Not buying into the IMF making this a condition

more likely this was offered up by government as yet another demonstration
of their commitement to economic growth

Yeah I’d say those Wallmart bastards in head office were pulling all the strings to get that inserted. Such opportunity. “Quick. phone Hillary.” :unamused:

The “local” retailers this is opined to protect are long dead, put to death by the current crowd of bastards paying for protection.

Fuck them.

The company most at risk of walmart arriving is Tesco, not exactly an “Irish” retailer and tbh a company who badly need real competition is this market to force them into lowering their “Irish” margin

I really wish that people would get it through their heads that the reason the ESB charges so much for electricity is because their price is fixed by the government or rather a government quango to allow competitors to enter the market because the ESB used to be too cheap for competitors to make enough profit.

The increased availability of cheaper goods reduces living costs. To argue otherwise is absurd. And customers can do their own calculations as to how far they will travel to shop there without the need for your lobbying to prevent that choice. In my own experience, Asda may not be cheaper than Lidl but it has a far greater range of cheaper goods than the established players.

Or pay higher taxes to pay down IMF debt. And what the f*ck is the Wlamart slave labour camp? Labour legislation exists in this country and I’ve never heard of Walmart engaging in the slave trade. Pure bollox.


I agree. Tesco are assholes. Bringing in checkout staff from India to fragment and undercut the native workforce is pretty venal IMO. There were 6000 migrant work visas for non EU workers issued or renewed in the first half of this year alone. Some of these are issued to hire cheap cashiers from India for Tesco.

But nobody does ruthless like Walmart. They use a lot illegal immigrants in their american operations. They used to lock them into the store at night, until they were caught and were forced to stop that practice.

Walmart also chose suppliers that that were using child labour, within the US, because they were the cheapest. This was not some third world factory, this was within american borders. The message got out to suppliers, if you want to supply Walmart you have to be prepared to look at all your costs, including using illegal child labourers.

Walmart have been caught forcing their workers to work for free. Thats slave labour by most definitions.

Keep your “bollox” to yourself.

And with that racism…