IMF Report : why no statement by Irelands director

Irelands alternate director is Stephen O’Sullivan, AssSec in DoF.

Uniquely (as far as can be seen) Ireland does not have its AltDir make a statement on the Article IV Report. Every other EU country does.

Why, I wonder, is that?

Too easy to allocate blame by simply saying “I advised the minister of the predicament and awaited his call to action which never came” :open_mouth:

You apparently got to see the report before the rest of us which would suggest you’re high enough up the food chain to call him and ask him.

Your assuming that they would return my calls…I am as welcome there as a flearidden plague carrying incontentnt skunk.
And I only had it an hour or so before; not that high up the chain

Dont think thats the case. Even when things were not so bad we never got a statement. Seems to be a policy.

Is this one of the jokes about how Irish political appointees go to international institutions and are quickly seen as drunken idiots? If not, it’s probably because Irish political appointees tend to be drunken idiots. I know nothing about this guy, and he’s probably very good at his job, but I can see the IMF saying “Let’s not ask the Irish guy what he thinks”.

Not that JS. Sorry. Its a decision by the director to make a statement or not. And no irish director has ever made on on an article IV. Its their choice, not the IMF’s