IMF - Special Drawing rights. Intervention?

Is this an intervention in all but name? … html?r=RSS

That should keep us going for the weekend.

Stop spreading misinformation. It will keep us going for around 10 days. So there. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re one to talk. It will keep us going for 8.77 days exactly. :stuck_out_tongue:

And the battle between the bears and the bulls rages on.

I believe this is the IMF version of stimulus to the global economy…

edit: the timing is interesting. Makes you wonder what’s coming up. I wonder what form it is in? SDRs? USD? Gold???

There is something brewing but I have not been able to quite put my finger on it yet. We are now entering the end of 3Q, 4Q killing zone. This is when the shit starts hitting the fan when we have a stressed financial system.

The Feds have already pulled out a lot of the life support tubes for the overnight / short term capitol markets that were put in place last Sept. The heart of the financial is now beating again under its own steam, but not very strongly. I get a sense that the Feds (and the other CB’s) are moving very gingerly as they try to undo all the unprecedented market interventions of the last year. The situation is still very dicey and just one sudden shock could throw the whole system into cardiac arrest again.

Its going to be another interesting Sept/Oct.