IMF - World Economic Outlook Oct 2009 … f/text.pdf

Some interesting snippets:
House prices likely to fall further in Ireland and Spain.

Commercial rents 32% above historical average (chart p.25).

Ireland and Japan the two countries at high risk of deflation in 2010 (> 0.5%) (p.31)

Predictions for 2010 (Ireland):
GDP -2.5%
HICP -0.3%
Unemployment 15.5%
Current account 0.6%

Such a shame that the IMF doesn’t know the definition of inflation and deflation.

And Judging on most pinsters they haven’t a clue either.


Do tell…

:unamused:. Infaltion is when you increase the currency supply into the system, i.e. you just print off loads of fancy toilet paper. Deflation is when you constrict it.

Simple really. :unamused:

Yes, but what makes up the currency supply ?

Oh FFS, printing presses. Doh!

Is this a side conversation to the topic? I’m inclined to split it off

Oh I don’t know, ask the toilet paper printers. Ye Gods.

Oh please don’t, I’m being entertained in a way I haven’t been for ages.

Come on Mossy, tell us how you deflate a currency…

Oh my Gosh, I can’t believe you just posted that! Well, as the saying goes, there is a fool born every minute. You qualify for that.

You depreciate a currency by printing more of it. Zimbabwe anyone?

I bet you are drunk? Please tell me you are.

That’s us, isn’t it?

Hey Brian! Before you sign off on NAMA you should probably read this. Maybe we haven’t actually bottomed yet! :open_mouth:

I thought that was inflation mossy… so inflation and deflation are the same thing? Now you have me confused…

Definately drunk… inflation is when you increase the amount of useless paper into the system, deflation is when you constrict it.

Do. You. Understand?

Just. Read. The. Above. Again. Mossy.

Yogi …don’t mention the velocity of money ffs…oh shit I just have :unamused:

Well Mossy, you’ve told us that you inflate a currency by printing more of it. So I asked:

Maybe you can see the word now?

Perhaps I am being unclear. If inflation and deflation are always to do with the amount of currency in circulation, and inflation is caused by ‘printing’, how does deflation happen?

Oh you are so clueless… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Emmm, you should be posting on ask about money.

Wait now though, you could be winding me up???

what a laugh

You seem to have your own definition Mossy. Have fun out there.

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Mossy, I will remind you again and for the last time to play the ball and not the man.

So, to ask the question again in another way, how does deflation happen?