Are FF by their cataclysmic inaction positioning themselves to stand aside and say “It was dem IMF folks who dunnit”…“wasn’t us Boss honest!” in turn leaving a GE most likely end of year after a Sep-Oct event/meltdown conveniently leaving FG with the baby and thus handicapping them from the get go.

I can’t see how they will make it through the next budget and I don’t think even they are stupid enough to want to be there.

I think it’s highly significant that IMF can be rearranged to read MFI.

The truth is out there… In flatpack furniture…

I have been consistently misreading IMF as MILF.

Having realised my error I must say that this certainly paints a grimmer picture for when they come a callin’.

IMF - screwing you since 1947? … 11/imf.pdf

IMF is not infallible by any stretch. It too, like every person or entity, has a self-serving VI

It was forced to retract statement about Britain bank bail out costing 200 billion. … 144037.ece

My understanding of this is that the IMF were actually correct; they withdrew the claim on the back of massive political pressure from the UK, not because it was incorrect.

its not if tehy are correct. Its are they more correct than the Dpt Finance…

I dont think thats a fair question as its obvious the Dept of Finance know sweet FA but I do think the IMF have some inkling as to what trouble we are in.

6 years too late, though it may be.

Rumour mill:-

The IMF have been nosing around.

Reason for shock discovery that ‘government may be growing a spine?’

Seems to me that it’s not just FF who want IMF to make their tough decisions for them, but rather all Irish politicians and institutions play the same game. FG & Labour are adopting an approach of criticise FF but won’t do anything different, the DoF are not going to cut the wages of their brothers in arms, the PS Unions can threaten to stop supporting one political party but they can’t threaten the IMF with anything and the banks know that IMF medicine can’t be avoided because they don’t like the taste of it.

So in the same way that the bubble/bust was no one’s fault, the cuts that have to be made are no one’s fault, and living with the fallout is no one’s fault.

What amazes me is that mortgages are now only being given to PS workers. Have the banks not factored in the risk that the IMF could slash wages to a whole section of their client base?!

My understanding is that the main thing the IMF usually do is address the politics of the country in crisis. It is for this reason alone that I would welcome the IMF.

(However, there is some talk of a similar corruption now within the IMF, that developed from the complicity of the economics profession and indeed all of the highest level of decision-makers of the Anglo-US axis of hegemony that’s been in place since the end of WWII, with the banking and credit and financial engineering and financial marketing industrial complex).

But, if they could really be relied upon to take apart the corrupt, disempowering, cronyistic, rent-seeking political and economic structures that FF and the other parties have built up since independence, they’d get my vote. (I wonder would it be a good idea to include them (the IMF) as an option in a general election if one is called?!)

I don’t know if this has been posted before but I find it interesting…