Immigrants Fail To Save Robopaddy

Rather than rant at Brian Cowan and RTE I would recommend that the IAVI start to pay for plane tickets, one way obviously, from Poland and to send our homely auctioneers over to man the airports with an oul Céad Míle and pints all round .

It seems the Immigration Tide is ebbing along with construction

Bit of a demand problem so . Its all RTEs fault and that fella Brian Cowan too. They should man the airports in Poland as well , opening doors and helping grannys and stuff.

Does anyone know what level of job creation is required just to absorb all the new labour market entrants?

It is helpful that the reduction in immigration will in turn help reduce unemployment, but who is going to live in the 300k+ empty properties now?

The local authorities, are planning to fill them with underclass teenage mothers. It’s the bailout plan, to encourage these girls to pop out as many of their poorly socialised violent ready made petty criminal “children” as the poor girls can. Sorry to demonise these poor girls, but crap is crap. And it’s the social policy that made Limerick what it is today. This is the track suit nation.

If you think I’m joking. Did you hear the one about Limerick city council spending 50m, bailing out sellers, by purchasing houses for 350K a go, for local authority stock. Which is a bit over the odd’s for what you can get in limerick selling anything.


Is there any instance of someone doing this in Ireland in the recent past?

Not that I’m aware of, apart from a handful of regimented ‘Anarchists’. They used to have hand books on how to do it. But then average Irish people don’t have the same legal rights as people in England. We’re closer to Burma then Berlin. This is the Proprieters Republic of Ireland.

Oh and I nearly forgot. Who did it pretty recently was DBC Pierce, the guy who wrote Vernon God Little. He took over a house that had been abandoned in Leitrim. Lovely Leitrim. As far as I know, it’s now legal his.

An English legal term I really like is ‘tolerable trespasser’

But remember it’s a new dawn.

If you want historical precedent, look at the widespread squating in london after their crash in the late 80’s. Only relatively recently has squating declined in London. But it was once at a very high level.

Seriously? What is the legal position on this?

English situation:-

"England and Wales
In England and Wales, adverse possession has been governed by section 15 of the Limitation Act 1980, since 1 May 1981.[2] The limitation period for the adverse possession of land is 12 years in virtue of Section 15(1).[3]

The position of a registered landowner has been greatly improved since the coming into force of the Land Registration Act 2002. Where land is registered, the adverse possessor may apply to be registered as owner after 10 years of adverse possession and the Land Registry must give notice to the true owner of this application. This gives the land owner a statutory period of time [65 business days] to object to the adverse possession, after which the true owner usually will have a further two years in which to evict the adverse possessor. This effectively prevents the removal of a land owner’s right to property without their knowledge.

I wonder if the Irish position is the same?

As I remember from a distant law degree. You have to enter without force, without permission and then have to stay/adversely possess for 9 years.

The rationale behind the law is to stop farmers arguing over where they pitch their boundary fences 20 years down the line. If you have misplaced your fence by a few feet and nobody has raised objection, nine years later it is yours. Once an objection is raised, the clock starts ticking again. Difficult to take possession without either force or permission, ie you could not possess a house that you had rented as you would have been given permission to enter when you started renting, nor a house that you had broken into as that would entail using force.

Squatters Rights is what its better known as, 12 years possession .

The stuff about 12 years to acquire Adverse Possession is correct for Ireland.
Note that there are complications where there is a leasehold property, in that one only obtains adverse possession against the leaseholder and not the person who holds the underlying freehold interest.

Sorry for going off-topic but I sort of had to.

Limerick the city with some of the lowest headline crimes per capita of any place in the country?

I don’t understand your point?

I haven’t got the full plan yet. But it goes something like this. I will find a property that has been repo’d by the bank. Then as there will be so many of them, the banks will not be even bothering to try and sell them.

I will then gain access without the use of force. (there is a way of doing this-- that I’m not going to broadcast).

Then I will change the locks. Then I will become as awkward to remove as a barnacle.

The legality of it doesn’t really bother me too much (Irish law is pretty much a criminals charter). I’m not going to be the only person doing it. It’s actually probably going to be quiet fashionable.

But on another point. Which is a very likely future scenario. If the bank forecloses on my current landlord. How easy is it for the bank to remove me?

Sad to see that this is actually being discussed. I enjoy the site for the fact that most people here are sickened by the cheap underhanded selling out that has (should say will) cripple the economy.

Please do not add to it

The Propertypin is a discussion forum with no editorial policy; save for that prohibiting postings that would outrage common decency. All human life is here. :wink:

I’m still racking my brain as to how Kaboom is going to get into the property without breaking and entering. Its the chimney right? the Santy chute? :open_mouth:

I know 8)

If he thinks that he will get the full 12 years I fear he is wrong .

Can you get adverse possession on a cell?

The trick to get around the law in squats in London of the 70s was to get a mate to do the breaking and entering. He would then go, leaving the front door standing open for the newly arriving squatter to walk straight in.

Are you going to provide any evidence to back up this remarkable assertion?

Why dont you move over to England and stay there ???

Someone else gains access by force, and you just follow him in?

Oops - already pointed out…