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No surprises here.

No. The Pin predicted many months ago that it would decline further due to the worsening of the economy here.

Yep and just watch and see what this does to our rental market. Very little attention is paid in the media to the extent to which our rental market is propped up by imigrants. Again, this was predicted on the Pin a long time ago.

Comical will find it hard to spin this one.

From talking to some Polish engineers in work they tell me that they can now get the same money as they are on here in Warsaw. These guys are very talented but I was shocked to here that the levels of pay had come up so much there. I just hope that they don’t up sticks just yet as we will be in the sh*ts if they do.

Of course this is only half the story. There are two important flows; the rate at which new people are coming at the rate at which they are leaving.

ALos, I think it a bit misleading to refer to these numbers as “immigration”, which infers some measure permanancy.

I just want to add that beginning of the year is time where most of Polish decide to migrate. I would think the cause is rather worse situatution in Ireland.

There goes the rental market so - and things are only really beginning.

I know of a small business owner who recruited some people from Poland through an agency last Autumn. Two of them have returned to Poland already as the cost of living here meant that their disposable income was higher in Poland after rent etc was paid. However I think that was Warsaw. I wouldnt say that it would be the same in smaller towns in Eastern Poland which, I have been told, is poorer.

What are the odds on Irish builders heading to Poland sometime in the next few years? Apparently they have a labour shortage over there - if Polish wages continue to rise as much as they seem to have been it could soon make sense. A lot of Irishmen worked in East Germany during the 90s so there is a precedent.

September - whats your own belief? Do you think the great Polish migration has ended?

Ireland was the Polish workers springboard.
The baton has been past.

Thats all.

I think it just slowed down, there is only certain rate at which new jobs are created in Ireland, so only limited number of people can be accomodated in Ireland. Other factor is that as of year 2008 much more job markets are open to Polish, so this could play a role in decrease in Ireland.

This is purerly anegcdotal evidence, but number of topics about “Coming back” has been increasing on Polish discussion boards, while less people ask on advice about coming to Ireland.

I think situation could be described as losing some confidence (Irish Dream is not so good) and resulting easing of influx. Our economy is doing now very well, but there is very little improvement to Joe Six-Pacs or Jan Kowalski as we call him. Recetly I’ve seen EU reaserach saying that Poland is one of few countries where having full time employment can still keep you in poverty.

Same in Ireland then as late as 1995/6 with the high taxes we paid on income .

My first job paid 14k and I was paying top rate tax!

I think it was 46% or 48% plus PRSI…

Is there still demand for 60,000 units per year, or is this not affected by the numbers of immigrants? Perhaps Marie Hunt has the answer.

I’d love to hear Marc Coleman’s take on this.

They are all going home to get their friends.

5 million here we come baby!

That’s not true, Romanians still need a work permit in addition to a PPS No. to lawfully work here.

You also need a PPS for every kid to claim Child Benefit.

There are cases where the PPS was obtained ONLY to get Child benefit and the applicant then went to England to work straight away .