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however she said it was not a sentiment she, nor the “vast majority” of Irish people, shared.

Does she have a source for her vast majority figure?

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Bint spoke to same fellows Inda spoke to. Go to.

Indeed, the sentiment in the comments way back in April was very clear to see. I would imagine the last two weeks that sentiment has change to “never forget” (not to mixed up with forgive and forget), what happens next…

Fascinating article

Yes 3.5 months later you can sense the NGO fears about having rapes on their watch and responsibility. But they’re conditioning us for extreme weirdness as well.

With 25 per cent of hotel beds now occupied by those seeking protection, and a wide variety of other settings playing host, the Department of Integration warned this week that another 15,000 beds are needed before Christmas. But medium term alternatives have been slow to come on-stream.
For example, the former priest training facility at Clonliffe College in Drumcondra was pledged in April, with plans to house up to 650 people there but it’s understood that the development is still some way off being available. Other options have fallen away.
“They identified buildings that would be suitable but identifying a vacant building and converting it is a different story,” says one source involved in developing solutions. “They need to just accept there’s going to be a problem for the next several years and they need to look at a longer-term plan.

“Priest training facility”…eh you mean a seminary

Canny is enjoying the jackpot of these idiots damaging pathological empathy for young foreign men.

There is a huge amount of money being spent with the provision of accommodation rapidly being commercialised. The Department provided The Irish Times with a list of 623 providers it has contracted beds with, ranging from B&B to hostels to youth services and nursing homes. Details of some contracts published under European legislation show operators signed deals worth hundreds of thousands of euros or millions of euro. Property industry sources say some investors are considering buying up nursing homes and repurposing them for emergency accommodation

Yep - there’s rapes and child abuse ongoing on the government’s watch. Interesting phrasing from the NGO person “focus on the problem YOU created”

Among those on the front line, frustrations are growing. Case workers risk becoming overloaded, and are left with a choice between providing good services, or taking on greater volumes. Filling pledged accommodation properly is complex and time-consuming.
And it is, at best, a port in a storm. “It’s not housing,” says one NGO worker involved on the ground. “You can’t put someone in [pledged accommodation], especially someone with high needs, and say the Government has fulfilled its housing mandate.”
“At some point you have to say no to new people and focus on the problem you’ve created,” says the same worker. “The Government needs to start getting smart about how they’re framing Ireland receiving refugees.”

Also Roderic O’Gorman’s mates are trying to make the bomb he created by announcing the end to direct provision and new policy of own door housing into a Cluster Bomb that will exolode on other politicians and parties

Nick Henderson, chief executive of the Irish Refugee Council says that Ireland has to continue stepping up. “We have to do this, it’s part of a European wide effort driven by a dictator who is manipulating the situation … This is what he wants, countries to be unsettled”
But the Government, he says, needs to rethink its approach — “better messaging to the Irish public about how and why we’re doing this” is needed, as is expanding the response beyond the Department of Integration and the International Protection Accommodation Service. “It cannot be left just to them, it has to be ramped up significantly”.
With a key Cabinet subcommittee meeting coming on Monday, Henderson says “very significant changes and ramping up must come from that”.

Yes, as always the Left create the Right wing reaction. Weimar Ireland Eh?

NGO workers fear the social and political consequences of being stretched too thin. “My entire adult life I’ve listened to fringe right wing voices saying there was not enough to go around, and they were always wrong. Until now,” says one in frustration. “For the first time ever, their argument could take a hold. They’ve been handed it.”


Should we continue to use the NGO term at this stage. And play along with their games. :overfriendly:The Language of Soros et al

It is the State doing this, paid for substantially by the tax revenue of the country. The peoples of Europe have been building their own gallows for too long.



Special Political Vehicles

Some have been given access to departments to run things and stuff.


Sounds a familiar tale :whistle:

Refugees tell UTV they’re living in ‘prison like conditions’ in hotels

Refugees being housed in hotels in Northern Ireland have claimed they are enduring prison-like conditions.

“We are all suffering,” one resident, too scared to reveal his identity, told UTV.

"We are struggling and we are worried about our kids and their future.

Refugees tell UTV they’re living in ‘prison like conditions’ in hotels | UTV | ITV News

Good grief!

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The Menace is not going to pay for itself!

Did you not know this?

Topic on the matter here NGO's Cost Irish Taxpayers Billions Every Year - Why?

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Important summary of key quotes from the YouTube comments:

The T

20 hours ago (edited)

Below are a list of politicians who support the prospect of a non Irish Ireland.

Michael Martin told a BBC reporter earlier this year, that nobody is vetted coming to Ireland stating that the humanitarian response trumps security concerns.

In terms of individuals coming in, the humanitarian response trumps anything as far as we’re concerned’

  • Michael Martin 2022


Minister McEntee announced there would be no cap on the number of refugees Ireland accepts and encouraged others to give up their property without having to be forced.

We’re not going to put a cap on the number of people. Obviously we want to encourage people to come forward, and not to force anybody to have to give up the property or accommodation. We need to engage with people to approach consensus’

  • Justice Minister Helen McEntee speaking at Government Buildings in April 2022


Leo Varadkar said at the Immigrant council of Ireland conference in November 2019:

Diversity in Ireland is a reality and it is one of our greatest strengths. It is a strength that we are now one of the most diverse countries in the EU, with 17% of the population born outside Ireland. It is a strength that our workforce is the third most international in Europe.

We’ve made it easier to become a citizen, 120,000 people have become citizens since 2011 which is wonderful. We have sought to regularise some of those who are undocumented, providing legal status to people who arrived as students but become undocumented, along with their families. Indeed, over 2,000 people were regularised last year under this scheme.

Strongly supporting a non Irish Ireland. A well scripted vision of the ‘new Ireland’ he envisions


Simon Coveney who was a student of Peter Sutherland, said in 2017 :

Over the next twenty to thirty years , Effectively we want to attempt to DOUBLE the size of all of the cities in population terms outside of Dublin . The population of Ireland will certainly grow by an extra million people . Linked to that estimate is that half of that number wont have been born in Ireland . I think that will be a really good thing for Irish Society but we have to manage it carefully so that we don’t allow the politics of migration to play a big part in Irish Politics.

Coveney wants a non Irish Ireland.


"We must start planning for being an island of 10 million including bringing people in as refugees in scale, not just 200 people but a larger number and managing it " - Green Party wants to double population of Ireland - Eamon Ryan November 2016

And there in lies a fatal flaw in the Op Model… :thinking:

12 posts were split to a new topic: 33 Men Ukrainian’s 33,000

Plantation by the book

The Regime is in the process of trying to leverage IrelandIsFull and go full retard, for a second time.

End of last week-weekend ground work:

Problem > Reaction 33 Men, Ukrainians 33,000, Disappointing

Solution > All Your Empties Belong To Us - Monday 24th October, 2022

If they go down this route, the time is fast approaching when they’ll be evicted from the home they’ve been squatting in on Kildare Street.

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Monaghan man

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