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The politics of immigration: tensions grow locally as Coalition fears a rise of the far right
East Wall protests could be an early warning as locals across the country complain refugees are being housed in large numbers with no consultation

Long rambling article, goes nowhere in particular but stops off along the way to do a bit of SF bashing along with the usual.
If you read to the end my bet is that it was the journalist herself who made the incoherent amendements to the concerned residents letter.

“Far Right”, is a strawman but it’s also a placeholder, “far right” is the placeholder for “the nation” i.e. the people, so they can’t actually admit we’re a nation of Black Gorrilionare multi platinum selling Recording Artists because BLM - see, make sense? :man_shrugging:

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Merry Christmas :santa: Coveney Confronted Over Uncontrolled Mass Immigration Agenda

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Large group of Bangladeshi men moving furniture into a primary school in Watergrass hill area

Wicklow town


The reality chasm widens as the regime becomes very very really very super duper desperate.

Ordinary Irish people will begin to see exactly how the media has worked to create the fantasy narratives and wrapped them in a false reality through their own local protestations firsthand, exercising legitimate freedoms and actions will be tortured through the menace media filter and resemble nothing of the reality they know on the ground, as has been the fashion over the last week or more, because their events will be covered using one or all of these techniques:

  1. Not reported (full omission)
  2. Delayed reporting (soft omission, the moment has passed)
  3. Reported completely arseways (monkeys with tyepwriters could do better)
  4. BREAKING: Rise of Far Right Extremist Terror Hate Cells (Gov to respond accordingly…).

The political establishment (excepting maybe their Unionised people interface) for the firs time in the history of the state I might wager, have willfully and totally burned any capital and influence and have nothing to use on the ground, they have no tangible community control.

That’s the slipstream we are all in as is the world.

If you don’t know how this goes, then you’re probably stuck to tik tok and there is no helping you unless you ask for in-person help from a “gorwn up” :wink:

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Another Pre-planned datapoint:

Birr - 30/40 Ukrainian men.

Is it that these imports are escalating rapidly over the past month, or just that they’re getting more attention now?

Certainly the ‘Ukrainian’ lads arriving are getting way more attention.

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“Couple in Kildare” is at least factually accurate.
For once the article didn’t call them a “Kildare couple”

Rural small town Ireland - everything is noticed and no one forgets.

However, there is no hiding these numbers when the ratio creates a stark contrast about the place.

There has been a demographic in the US that statistically for decades has disproportionately committed vastly higher proportions of violent crime.

People noticed alright but the end result was affirmative action, activist judges and in the 2020s it culminated in the state approved mass burnings of cities and murder of children (e.g. Secoriea Turner) in the name of ‘racial justice’.

Andrew Norfolk tells us an uncomfortable truth An uncomfortable truth - YouTube

It wasn’t that nobody noticed. There are hundreds of victims and families who can never forget but it still carries on.

Societies with social cohesion are a threat to the governments that are overseeing their destruction, one’s that are already hopelessly divided, less so.

The only difference in Ireland is that the plantation is being carried out so quickly that we don’t have the boiling frogs excuse for letting it happen. But once it is sufficiently established the examples from UK and US clearly show that there is no easy route back.