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This is the Peter Taylor interview with this priest in 1975.

These archive programmes can often be fascinating viewing from the perspective of today.
Later in the programme Peter Taylor interviews Paul O’Dwyer a NY lawyer and President of NY City Council who knew a fair amount about gun running to Ireland and had involvement in gun running to Jews against the British in Palestine in the 1940s.

The weapons dealer is a person in your neighbourhood on your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood-od

Oh the weapons dealer is person in your neighbourhood. He’s a person that you meet, when you’re walking down the street He’s a person that you meet each day.


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Spin job: Normalization of following:

  1. Homeless migrants (totally normal now)
  2. Economic migrants (it’s due to climate change, don’t you know)
  3. Citywest as refugee hub (closing, but reopening later)
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Really. There’s so much to unpack in this and my head actually hurts after reading it.



The Truth about Irelands Immigration and Asylum Laws (What the Government Do Not Want You To Know)

Here’s the link to the document referred to:

One of the key passages - which should be adopted and fast-tracked immediately:
This proposal puts in place a pre-entry screening that should be applicable to all third-country nationals who are present at the external border without fulfilling the entry conditions or after disembarkation, following a search and rescue operation. The proposal introduces uniform rules concerning the procedures to be followed at the pre-entry stage of assessing the individual needs of third country nationals and uniform rules on the length of the process of collecting relevant information for identification of the procedures to be followed with regard to such persons.


More video and anecdotes on twitter:

protestors in Dublin who are putting their foot down on Ireland’s the EU’s immigration policy.

“This is the world’s third-largest economy. It’s a peaceful, prosperous country with the longest life expectancy in the world, the lowest murder rate”

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While I accept your point that the EU is driving the migration situation at a level above the Irish government, the current situation is that Ireland is the only eurozone country with opt-outs from EU policy which it has enforced with respect to Schengen open borders policies in the past.

The only peaceful route out of the current situation I believe lies in turning the Ireland’s fault → EU’s fault paradigm on its head.

The Irish government doesn’t look like it is going to reverse course here. It is willing to spend an unlimited amount of Irish taxpayers money and money borrowed on the back of Irish taxpayera into fulfilling the EU policies.

Irish society’s only option to prevent this lies not in lobbying the government not to do it (they just call any dissenter racist and spend more money suppressing them) but in applying a huge social cost to anyone who is taking the government money to implement policies that are destroying Irish society.

Possibly if the mammies of the hoteliers, bus drivers, security guards and law enforcement that were taking Ursula’s euros to implement the societal destruction were getting it in the ear from their neighbours at mass/bingo there would start to be a shift.

Ireland is where the concept of a ‘boycott’ was born.

EU rulers aren’t for turning, the Irish government isnt for turning. The more local the action against this the more chance of success.


I think this already happened naturally in Killarney because of the interconnectedness of the tourist industry and the local population. EG a hotel manager might be married to a restaurant manager whose brother runs tours and whose children have part-time jobs in pubs or souvenir shops etc.


will touch this up and publish in a few days, for those who dont know this is the dev end of a very basic (only needs to be basic) interactive report on PPSN numbers issued by year by country since 2001.
Has filters for country and year. It will be a powerbi report.

Source for all data is
They published everything in PDFs and dont make it straight forward to work with


That’s a good example of an area where the tourist industry is such a large segment of the economy and it has been hit so hard by the sudden repurposing of tourist accomodation into plantation centres.

Overall across the country the effect seems to be suppressed. There are a number of reasons why this might be.

  • We have a larger than normal state sector whose bread is buttered by the policies
  • We have more heavily funded NGOs than probably anywhere in the world
  • most importantly of all we have huge state dependency

Prior to the 90s my perception is that most of the government transfer payments were pensions and children’s allowance.

Most people wouldn’t be in receipt of any payments for most of their lives. Voluntary charity (taken from public subscription rather than awarded by the state, looked after the hard cases to a much greater extent than now)

When the Celtic Tiger money started flowing Bertie and Charlie started schemes to make everyone a state dependent in half a dozen different ways. That has continued into the 1 free year preschool → 2 free years preschool. Farming is now largely a ritual performed to draw down subsidies with some food production as a side effect. A lot of other commercial activity was regulated and subsidised into a position where it was only economically viable through its subsidies. (Even before the crazy intervention of the last 3 years)

In the past people who owned more and were more involved in productive activity would have had much greater influence over state policy and public opinion. Setting up the government as the direct and indirect employer of the majority of the workforce, firmer political control of the media and making us all dependent on the state through multiple tranfer schemes means that it is only in isolated pockets with large real industries where the income is actual real money from a non-government source (i.e. American tourists) that we see this effect.