Immigration Population

Up the road.

and how many Gardai are hanging around in Ballybrack, literally assisting in bringing in more of the above? The Irish generations who came before us would not be happy with what we have allowed Ireland to become.

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the following ballad first appeared in 1848 in the short-lived Fenian newspaper “The United Irishman” and not attributed to any single author,

“Great faith I have in moral force

Great trust in thought and pen

I know the value of discourse

To sway the minds of men

But why should words ny frenzy

whet Unless we are to strike

Our despot lords who fear no threat

But reverence the pike

Oh, do be wise, leave moral force?

The strength of thought and pen

And all the value of discourse

To lily-livered men

But if you covet how to die

Of hunger in a dyke

If life we prize is liberty

A Pike – A Pike – A Pike.”

The best is yet to come!

(That is one for the teenagers in the audience)


Locals or something to do with the nearby hotel that suddenly closed up last year? Finnstown House.
Could be locals, remember this picture…its from a school not too far away - note the picture is several years old:

6 years ago at least

Raducanu has 55 previous convictions, of which 51 relate to offences committed in Ireland, including burglary, assault causing harm, possessing controlled substances and road traffic.

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The lefties in charge in Australia want to allow elderly parent visas for migrants.

This is another recent media push. The media and politicians are not letting it go. Canada already allows it (remember Canada and the mad million a year push - they achieved it). The left in Australia sees itself in competition with Canada and explicitly stated so.

The entire loony left in the west are in ‘competition’ with each other for as many as possible. Skills or welfare costs do not enter the equation. A timely reminder that the places with good skilled programs have also been totally corrupted.


Proves that it was nothing to do with ‘paying your pensions’ all along


and in Ireland:

Muslims pushing prams with the next generation of British while the British cant afford to have and raise kids themselves while wondering how their grandparents generation would feel about it all after the experience of WW2.

Meanwhile next door in Ireland, the great underdog, a new junkie import sets up shop next to a Liam Mellows memorial beside a childrens playground!

I met an aboriginal tribe elder by chance once. He was back and forth between London and Australia organising the retrieval of bones for burial that museums had. He said something that stuck with me ever since. ‘Never forget who you are’ - i.e the people you came from.

The people of the West are now more like the Aboriginals were around the time of the first fleets. A critical difference being that the Aboriginals had absolutely no control over their own destiny.


Diversity plus…


This should go into the victory over the regime thread.

Completely explodes the myth of peaceful diversity co existence.

“Lone wolf”

Sounds more like ISIS. i suspect the government would love this marked as mental illness.

I also take issue wiith their use of the phrase ‘serial killer tendencies’. While technically right it i would argue that it was primarily religiously motivated.

Wordplay here to try and pull the wool over peoples eyes.

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Trash as usual. This useless ex civil servant pillock regularly appears with his pearls of wisdom.


That is a shocking piece of reporting from Ken Foy. There’s just “no motive” for the killing of 2 gay men and taking an eye from a third. Gay dating app “Grindr” is described as “Social Media”

And Gardaí still running open borders propaganda. “good family”, “great community”, “3rd level education” for someone with unknown huge funds who tried to behead two men

Gardaí have not established any motive for the two murders or the other vicious assault, which led to Mr Burke losing his eye and suffering other facial injuries.
Senior sources said detectives are satisfied the killer “was not influenced by any individual or organisation” in relation to the horrific crimes.

The large amount of cash seized by gardaí during the search of ­Palani’s home is the subject of an ongoing Criminal Assets Bureau (Cab) investigation but sources said it is not suspected to have originated from criminality.

It has emerged that Palani met all three of his victims after communicating with them on social media and he had been in separate contact with the three men for only a number of weeks before the attacks that shocked the country last year

In the case of Mr Moffitt, the inquest heard he also sustained sharp-force injuries to his chest that contributed to his death.
Mr Moffitt died from multiple sharp-force injuries to his head, neck and chest.
The post-mortem report for Mr Snee confirmed he died from multiple sharp-force injuries to his neck and chest

Gardaí have commended the great support and huge co-operation they have received from the Middle Eastern community in the Sligo area, as well as from other non-national groups in the locality.

This is an individual who was in third-level education, came from a good family and had never been on the garda radar for anything.”

really dumb this section, he was a nice lad until he became a gay serial killer…


Think about all the hi-end military tech that’s gone AWOL from Ukraine and how much of it a wad of cash that size could buy in the black market; also consider how opaque our knowledge of the people and networks that have been planted here is…

Consider that this was just one wad of cash in one house in a regional town that gardaí just stumbled upon due to a total black swan event…


Stephen being Stephen.



Must look for canadian polls