Immigration Population


Waqas Ahmed (37)

Forgot to mention, Waqas Ahmed (37) was convicted of a trespass offence, not a sexual offence. It’s all a part of how we are progressing as a society…

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Piotr Konieczny (45)

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Salaiman Sultan Alghurayr (28)

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“This woman is from as near the warzone as about Aberdeen is to Paris.”

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As I reported here months back-the 938 Somali arrivals were actively sought out and invited here by the state. I’ve already noticed a lot more groups of 6-8 of them hanging around the city because that’s about all they’re able to do-even the most basic jobs like stacking shelves or working in McDonald’s are beyond their capabilities.

Where that please?

The Regime actively sends representatives to far away places to recruit refugees to come to Ireland and it’s been going on for years and years.

Always with the 33,000

Is this the overall plan/policy, seriously?

We’d heard all about your big tent, but this isn’t quite what we came for

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Fck it . Too quick.

Galways on next week folks.

Fyi this is what follows mass migration. Forget the economic benefits or how they are supposed to pay for your retirement


The issue is that Globohomo’s aims are always in conflict. The things they’ve done stop them doing the things they want to do.

  • they did legislation for all new builds to be A rated vs they want to flood the country with migrants. So building is expensive and takes longer.
  • they want Scandi healthcare in America vs they encouraged everyone but Scandis to migrate there.
  • they want people to give up their guns in America this year vs they let cities be burnt by mobs for political reasons in 2020

Despite the fact that the very clear majority of the country want a cap, on they plough.

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135 euros seems the luxury end of hotel pricing, as taxpayer I’d want to see more like 30-40 euros per night, especially since refugeeism now means the short summer of tourism is now mutated into a year round bonanza for owners

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Most of the government have an eye on a nice job in Brussels, (massive expenses, another fat pension) Look at Varadkar for example, he could end up losing his seat in the next election, so he needs to keep his masters happy, failing in Irish politics is no barrier to getting a seat on the Euro gravy train, just look at Charlie McCreevy, for running the Irish economy into the ground, he got a seat on the European Commission. Nice €€€€€

Its clear that we could have a very different refugee/immigration policy, if Victor Orbán can do it in Hungry, we could too, but we need to elect very different people


But maybe you won’t have to worry about paying for that retirement

Odd the story isn’t well known, very strange

Odd the story isn’t well known, very strange,
Midazolam now there is an odd story.