Yes, and the UK now sick and tired of the thousands who have been crossing the channel unhindered in recent weeks (800 on one day this week.) Perhaps we could send the Irish Navy over to help in the people-trafficking operation as they did so successfully in the Med a few years back.

No more room at the inn…


“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.”

Nobody is considering the future generations who will have to deal with what is a very rapid change in demographics on say a 50 year timescale, nevermind a 100 year timescale.

"If all migration were to immediately and permanently stop – a “zero migra-

tion” scenario – the Muslim population of Europe still would be expected to rise from

the current level of 4.9% to 7.4% by the year 2050 because Muslims are younger (by

13 years, on average) and have higher fertility (one child more per woman, on average)

than other Europeans. A second, “medium” migration scenario assumes all refugee

flows stopped as of mid-2016 but that recent levels of “regular” migration to Europe

will continue. Under these conditions, Muslims could reach 11.2% of Europe’s popula-

tion in 2050. Finally, a “high” migration scenario projects the record flow of refugees

into Europe between 2014 and 2016 to continue indefinitely into the future with the

same religious composition (i.e., mostly made up of Muslims) in addition to the typi-

cal annual flow of regular migrants. In this scenario, Muslims could make up 14% of

Europe’s population by 2050"


Why are they only counting Muslims, what about “refugees” from Africa

Also the figures would be interesting if they just ran the Western Europe numbers without Eastern Europe included, eg lumping the likes of Poland in with France gives a false picture of whats happening in Western Europe


Our nearest neighbour has in the region of a million people who want the UK to become an Islamic state. That would be a fair number of voters, concentrated in areas to become a swing factor in a democracy.

About a 1 in 3 of their younger generation want their fellow muslims murdered if they were to change religion.

2 million believe homosexuality should be illegal.

Absolutely nutty stuff to allow anymore of that to proliferate. For every 3 muslims you let in 1 will want to become part of an islamic state. So a third are ‘bad eggs’ and 2 out of 3 are so far against homosexuality they want it illegal.

Should this be grounds for a blanket ban? After all it is against the freedoms that western nations are built upon…

Can you/How do you filter it out? This is clearly the building blocks of disharmony at best, at worst it results in massacres and extremists driving through crowds. Either way it is certainly not the kind of multiculturalism anyone wants, right?


Islam in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

Islam is now the second largest religion in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,[4] with results from the United Kingdom 2011 Census giving the UK Muslim population in 2011 as 2,516,000, 4.4% of the total population,[1] while more recent Office of National Statistics sources have it in 2018 as 3,372,966 in Great Britain only.[5] The vast majority of Muslims in the United Kingdom live in England:

“28% of British Muslims hoped that Britain would one day become an Islamic state”

On religious issues a poll reported that 36% of 16- to 24-year-olds believe if a Muslim converts to another religion they should be punished by death, compared to 19% of 55+ year old Muslims

61% of respondents agreed with the statement that homosexuality is wrong and should be illegal.[167][168][169] This appeared to be borne out by a Gallup poll in 2009 of 500 British Muslims, none of whom believed that homosexuality was morally acceptable


Worst case scenario is that at 100 year timescales it can lead to civil war.

If only it was as outrageous as it reads at first glance.


It’s amazing that the LGBT groups don’t speak up about the homophobia. Or maybe not. A lot of them seem homophobic themselves these days… lesbians attacked or vilified for not wanting to date transwomen, and gay men vilified if they also want to be in LGB Groups without the T and the rest of the alphabet.


They’re all ready doling out some Islamic justice in London

In other news a man from Rochdale is not getting fair treatment



I see ‘the wall’ is at least partially doing it’s job, in a fashion.

If only Ireland’s parliament could follow the lead of the Biden administration here and stop encouraging illegal migration.


This story is big news in the US - but I haven’t seen it covered by RTE or the Irish Times etc.

If it there was a humanitarian crisis involving 15,000 migrants crowded under a motorway bridge during Trump’s presidency we’d be awash with close-up photos of desperate, crying children.


Again the next logical step on a basic investigation into a migration story is to look at demographics.

Haiti’s population grew from 4m in 1961 to 10m in 2003. The economy is not able to support this growth so they head to South America, and then up into the US. Those being deported here are on that circular route.

4m in 1961 was a similar size to Ireland. ‘There by the grace of God go I’ you might say to yourself.

If Ireland grew it’s population to 10m people (which we haven’t - yet…but ‘Green’ leader Eamonn Ryan would take us there) to a level over and above what the economy could support, resulting in thousands of underemployed Irish blagging their way into the US and ending up living under a bridge.
Would these people and their ruling class bear some responsibility at all for this occurrence? No. Why the hell not.


Yet the other half of the island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic, does just fine. I wonder why.

Haiti is the Detroit of the Caribbean. No one wants to talk about the reason why Haiti has been a basked case for the last two hundred years. In Detroit elect a black “Civil Right” mayor and council and the city is gutted by corruption and collapses. In Haiti its just been like that for 200 years. “Slave Revolt” black oligarchy takes power that hides behind an ideology that make property rights etc unenforceable, and guess what happens. The border on Hispaniola is just as stark a contrast as on the Korean peninsula.

If you ever wondered why millions of Mexican peasant ended up in the US look no further than the “land reform” of the 1930’s why tied up the majority of agricultural land in de facto collective farms. Leaving the rest to very wealthy and the political patrones. As a result the ejido, the collective land, is not very productive and could not support the large increase in population from the 1960s’ onwards. But those leftist intellectuals sure do love the concept of collective land no matter much damage it has done to the social structure of rural life in Mexico. And displaced tens of million of peasants.


Senior sources say that there are “no concerns at this stage” for the boy’s welfare.
In their appeal, gardaí described Muaaz Usama as being about 2ft 4in in height, of slim build, with black hair and dark brown eyes.

2ft 4 is a vital qualifier But don’t mention he’s pakastani !


We live in clown world :clown_face:


Brown eyes you say? Anything else I could use to narrow the search.

No nothing really that I can think of oh wait he does have dark hair…


The food and drink production sector is also feeling the staff shortages.

“It is really severe, it is probably the number one priority issue for companies across large parts of the sector at this stage,” said Paul Kelly, Director of Food Drink Ireland.

"They are doing their best to recruit either domestically here in the Irish market or from around the rest of Europe, but they are really having a lot of difficulties," Mr Kelly said.

This, he said, is impacting on their ability to do business as they normally would and some are even having to turn away new business and restrict product ranges.

Some employers are having to increase overtime, but there is a limit to how much can be asked of existing staff, he said.

Ultimately, he said the extra costs involved will have to be recovered and that is going to put pressure on retailers and consumers.

He called for a real focus on labour activation measures to get people off the Live register.

There also needs to be greater responsiveness in the work permit system, and more flexibility in visa approval process, " he added.

In the entire European Union labour market it’s impossible to get chefs, waiters and shop workers…right, gotcha


Given that, as Gript reported last February, Google Ireland’s staff is around 70% overseas workers, and that youth unemployment in the state stood at 45% in July according to CSO figures, questions clearly need to be asked with regard to how closely companies applying for work permits for non EU/EEA workers are adhering to the criteria for advertising these positions abroad.

Those criteria, as outlined by the Department, include basic renumeration, the possession of the requisite skills for the position advertised in a designated sector, and that the position should have been advertised in the state. There is an list of occupations that are deemed to be ineligible but even a cursory examination of that compared to some of the companies who are granted permits one wonders how strictly this is enforced.

Is it genuinely the case that young Irish people lack the requisite skills for these positions? That would be a poor reflection on the numbers who take IT courses and the significant state resources devoted to that sector.

But might it also be the case that Irish candidates are not the first option for these global corporations who are accustomed to moving staff from country to country especially for specialist, high-wage positions?

With 45% youth unemployment reported as recently as July. How can there be labour shortages


So Irish youths do not want to work it Tech, hospitality or trades?


Probably more to do with the fact that employers are reluctant to take on graduates/trainees they want experienced staff at the cost of graduates.


They just want people with language skills. Most of the jobs are not computer science jobs. They will be sales, business development and marketing people. Unless Irish people start learning Swedish, Norwegian, Czech, Arabic, Italian, then these jobs will go to foreign people.