Immigration Population

Sheep don’t negotiate with wolves.

Nuclear option = Irexit + IR£ + Debt repudiation

(+by necessity, closer partnership with UK.)

Sounds crazy? Give it a few years.

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Sounds inevitable.

That’s all going to happen anyway in my opinion.

It’s just not going to be enough by itself to save Ireland.

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Local champion.

“I’d ask the people who were at those protests, come and get involved with Ballymun For All. I would hope that this brings the community tighter together,” he added.”

“If you have frustrations, let’s get together and let’s actually help those areas. There could be an opportunity from this diversity in our community, it’s important that people understand that.” :rofl:

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Resources not adequate

ritain accepted the man was a boy, put him into foster care and into a school in Bournemouth, where he terrorised and beat up the actual children in the school.

Fury over asylum seeker murderer

Abdulrahimzai was given a foster carer and went to a Bournemouth [school] where he terrorised younger classmates.

A boy he beat up was kept at home by his parents, and one mum told The Sun: “The kids were petrified of him and knew he was much older than he was pretending to be.”

It was claimed he frightened girls into sending him indecent selfies.

You have an open border with the UK and every EU country doing the above

Diversity for D4?

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Tent cities coming soon. Deadly wha?


Was referred to before on here


Finglas, sentiment on the ground.

Also reported in the IT. (PR Term: Trial balloon)

Just a mere €200,000 to finish each one.

Where are they going find the suckers to pay for all that?

Oh yea the tax payer again.


Community liason teams :rofl:

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FG tds are on another planet. In the videos that get uploaded and Around the city actually you see these groups of swarthy young men of indeterminate nationality and wild, uncivilized looks in their eyes. I think even they know they shouldn’t be here.

Ain’t no “community liaison” gonna make people happy at that. It really is a plantation.


Checking the Government PPSN data if you select the following geographic regions only then the biggest nation becomes ‘other’. This is due to a spike of 77k in a single year from ‘other’ in 2002.

Precedence tells us that numbers get high v. quickly when you allow yourself to be taken advantage of


More internatinall coverage of the protests there too:

Newstalk with punch and judy(Kelly & Coleman) were funny this morning, they had a voxpop with 1 algerian who has been here 5 days and sleeping rough, he spent 14k to get here… and a romanian woman with a 2 year old baby here 6 days and supposedly sleeping rough, she was mad for work and wanted someone to mind the baby while she did. So as you do with a baby you fly in to a foreign country with no plan and no means of support and hope for the best… land of free money and gaffs promised by Roddy aint happening anymore.

the funny thing is after the report neither of them touched the topic with some liberal commentary, they just moved on to the next news report. Defintely change of mood music the last few days, enough of the far right must have been in touch with their local t.d…


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