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The decision was made after “spotters” were seen scoping out Rutte’s movements, raising concerns about a possible move by one of the country’s drug gangs.

There have been increasingly violent incidents involving drug gangs, including the so-called mocro (Moroccan) mafia, leading to claims from the Dutch police union that the Netherlands is becoming a “narco state”.


That’s the only way to push the property bubble going.
The same tactic was used back in 2004 when Ireland opened the labour market for Eastern Europeans. It didn’t really work well for them because EE are more or less from the same root.
Then there is another factor of Richard Nikolaus Eijiro, Count of Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan to dismantle the indigenous integrity of homogeneous populations of Europe.
The next thing they will use will be unavailability of travel to connect the families. Now it’s done by so called C O V I D passports requirement, very soon highly inflated liquid energy prices will do the rest.


The estate my family lives in NW Dublin. ~400 flats. I’ve been here for the last 15 years. The number of recently imported Varadkar’s country fellows is astonishing. All work from home with some tech bullshit companies. So your call is no longer answered from India. It’s here in Blanch.


Considering how high the cost base is in Ireland, how can it make any sense to operate tech jockey roles in Blanchardstown instead of Bangalore


From my job experience I made myself redundant few months ago over the “virus” bollocks I can tell you one thing. The COST doesn’t matter for them. It’s the AGENDA.


I know of a mid level engineer who worked for a major Telco operator in the US…anyway he was made redundant and his replacement is based in India. This whole WFH can become WFA very easily now that encryption is providing a high degree of security.


What did I say. I said this. Bait and switch.


Chalk another down to Albania. Mendacious Guardian have this as their 10th story on their website, it should be higher given the coverage of the killing. They’ll probably refer to him as a Sussex man.


Two Nigerian women who became the first people in Ireland to be convicted of human trafficking for the prostitution ring they ran out of the midlands have received jail sentences of five years and eight months and five years and one month.

#212 European drivers have not returned from extended summer holidays, having found alternative work in Poland’s soaring economy.

“It is very bad at the moment,” says Kay’s father, Michael. “We would normally have drivers on file that would be looking for a job but we haven’t had that for the last 12 months.”

“Before you were always worried about whether you had enough work. Now you are worried about whether you have enough drivers to take on the work,” he says.

Lorry driving has become an unattractive job for a variety of reasons: poor pay and career prospects, long hours on the road, unfavourable conditions, tight and stressful delivery windows, and high insurance premiums for young drivers, who see better work options elsewhere.

John Nolan of Nolan Transport, one of the largest haulage companies in the country, and secretary of the IRHA.

Nolan says at one stage the company was “down 100 drivers” out of a full complement of 450. He sees the shortages continuing for the next two to three years and costs in his business rising as a result. Nolan is having to hike pay by 20 per cent to retain his drivers.

“If I don’t do that with my drivers, a rival is going to poach them,” he says.


This must be the genius plan to get economies going again…


You could add to that list that every aspect of the driver’s journey (including facial recognition AI, GPS data, driving style) is being recorded, analysed, and passed automatically to the boss.





For the first time, Belgians have become a minority in their own capital of Brussels, which incidentally is also the de facto capital of the European Union, Belgian Pmagazine reports based on data from the country’s statistics office.

These trends are occuring Western countries. For example, France’s native population has been following and could become a minority within the next decades, which holds true for Norway as well.

The diversity of origin within the population living in Belgium is increasing because 10 years ago, in 2010, the share of Belgians of Belgian origin was 74.3 percent, that of Belgians of foreign origin 15.5 percent and that of non-Belgians 10.2 percent.

The proportion of Belgians of Belgian origin also increases with age. In Belgium, it reaches 54.3 percent among 0-17 year olds, 66.3 among 18-64 year olds and 87.3 among over 65s.


This is an incredible stat, 54% in the 0-17 age group. This is complete insanity, yet everyone seems to have their heads in the sand. They are being replaced.


Eu parliament has 5k people at it. That doesn’t explain it?

Seems like they have been replaced. Past tense. It’s done. Just watch the generations die off now.


The “international community” in Brussels numbers at least 70,000 people

In 2009, there were an estimated 286 lobbying consultancies known to work in Brussels

There is definitely a very large foreign population due to the eu parliament, NATO etc being based there. It’s not the full picture though and alot of the links are outdated:

It was estimated that, in 2005, people of Muslim background living in the Brussels Region numbered 256,220 and accounted for 25.5% of the city’s population, a much higher concentration than those of the other regions of Belgium


  • Immigration suppresses wages by increasing competition among workers for positions. It also lifts the housing rents paid by workers, raising their cost of living.
  • High-skill priority immigration has a suppressive effect on high-skill wages and low-skill immigration has a suppressive effect on low-skill wages.
  • Therefore, both groups suffer a reduction in economic welfare (‘utility’) when immigration of the same type (high skill or low skill) is increased.
  • Immigration is great for landlords, whose income increases as demand for housing outstrips or pressures supply.
  • Immigration, therefore, increases inequality.


So, based on this, what is the answer? No immigration at all? Us paddies just sit here on our rock and not let any outsiders dilute our gene pool? There has to be some, surely?


Haven’t heard the auld “gene pool” trope for a while. Just to say that anyone who brings it up as a reason for mass immigration (a) knows nothing of the history of this island, (b) is likely a landed gentry type/round head descendant, c) hates Ireland.


Landed gentry :rofl:! I raised a genuine question so save your OTT “hates Ireland” attack. If neither low skilled or high skilled immigration programmes are welcome, then what if anything is? Zero immigration? Which allied with high levels of Irish migration would hardly be beneficial for Ireland.

So what’s your solution/suggestion?