So my anecdote about Afghans was confirmed by Helen McEntee in the dáil today although she is directly lying when she says the programme hasn’t opened yet-my post confirms it has. I also suspect she’s lying when she says 4 family members when it will be 4 individuals plus families.


poor fella cant get staff in Ireland or the entire EU.

“He said that this is not the first time that the group has recruited actively from overseas stating that there was a similar recruitment drive from Malaysia in 2004.”


So a couple of months to 2005….which was the top last time round if I’m not mistaken.


I was thinking the same myself, walking around Dublin city centre today, I saw plenty of help wanted signs in bars and restaurants ect, which is a little strange since tourism is down and people are staying home, plus the unVaxed are generally not being served, so why the shortage of workers, low wages, high rents, and poor conditions IMO. Oil prices on the rise too, the signs are bad


Jobs that can’t work from home need to command a some sort of premium now. Obviously only applies in a job seeker’s market. Not sure if that will ever be the case if you compete with the entire world, in some jobs anyway.

Do we want a huge underclass and to create a massive divide especially when the divide will be mostly made up of people from elsewhere in low paid work living in cramped conditions out of necessity thus further widening the gap.

Not sure its a good recipe.


Anecdotally, a lot of hotels and restaurants around town are hiring 16 and 17 year olds out of necessity.


Just another Gombeen happy to use cheap imported labour and treat Ireland as an economic hostel, while inflation ravages us.

Amazingly in the middle of all this the labour force survey shows 2.47m people ‘at work’ in Ireland. The highest total ever, and up nearly 10% on a year ago.

The numbers on PUP now are less than 78,000 about 3% of the numbers ‘at work’

The Irish Wirtschaftswunder of plenty of Pork Barrel, third world labour, MMT and €6 burgers keeps rollin’ along


welcomed by business groups, unions, National and the Greens…

Some background, she was elected to reduce migration and backtracked.

Where there appears to be democratic choice it is mere the illusion of choice in Western countries on this topic. Many places don’t even have that illusion



Droves of Polish returning home and none arriving because wages don’t cover rents - it’s that simple.


There’s a couple of reasons - pubs etc need more staff for table service and also the Wage subsidy scheme is very generous. You’re covered for 350 per employee hence why a hell of a lot of places are shut Monday / Tuesday helps keep the turnover below the threshold necessary to keep qualifying for it. Then there is a lot of these businesses sitting on cash from the grants. Plenty decimated (lunch spots and the likes) but at the minute it’s still giddy enough out there. New pubs are opening within the canals oddly enough (most likely paid for by grant money would be my guess).


Profitable Business - Happy Meals for All!

States are part of the human trafficking network. One of the biggest franchises at this point. Case in point, people use to have to pay a million squids for this and Leaders woudl rise if there was anything a miss, but no more, crime pays, it’s a free for all!

A new “landmark” scheme to regularise magically make legal thousands of undocumented illegals migrants and their families (also illegally present in the state) who are living in Ireland has been approved.

Did anyone say flood gates?

Although there is no reliable data on the number of undocumented people in the State, it is estimated that the number is somewhere in the region of 17,000, including 3,000 children.

This figures remind me of the figures hedp up as nothing to worry about before accession states came online, sub 20,000-16,000 is my recollection, IIRC estimates alone at peak for the polish alone was approx. 400,000.

This is all matching dictate of the Bankrollers, here is the money, now this is what you must do. Nothing else going on in Ireland since the collapse - Supermacs will be pleased.

Self Governance is a mythological creature.


Whatever the number is, say it’s a conservative 20,000… we see headlines such as, “the schema has been hugely popular… it has been extended…”,… if it’s higher, whatever it is, all that demand moves along the line, next stop housing list, then HAP, also the hospitals for all those elderly family members, on and on, the free-for-all is real and that’s the plan.

How else can you expect to attract the 40-60 million they have planned to settle on the island?


I thought the vegetable plan was to bring pop to 10?


Yea, so 40-60 million.


I genuinely have no idea what FG stand for anymore, they’re indistinguishable from every other party in Ireland, everyones fighting for the their spot on the left


Most political parties these days are really bandwagon spotters, and will jump onto the one they hope will get them the most votes and the main opposition party will try to gain the support of people who are not on that bandwagon.


Free Gaffs (for foreigners)
Fervent Globalists


There’s a gaping hole on the centre right of Irish politics , capable of hoovering up anything from 15-35 percent of the vote.

First entity with the balls (it will be labelled as facist or far right by the media) to step into it will reap significant electoral rewards.


Yeah, 20% at least. Casey pretty much demonstrated it. How long to wait in the face of woke, “containment” ideology, etc.

It would presumably also disrupt the ‘free’ money flows we’ve become hooked on.


It is a milestone when Fine Gael no longer believes in The Rule of Law or can claim to be “the Law & Order Party”.