Immigration Population

Smart move, flatter the idiots.

Population in 2023 45 million. Population at previous census in 2014…34 million.
With respect to the last inter-censal period (September 2002), the population increased by 10.6 million people in the past 12 years.[204] Uganda’s median age of 15 years is the lowest in the world.[4] Uganda has the fifth highest total fertility rate in the world, at 5.97 children born per woman (2014 estimates)

Uganda is one of the poorest nations in the world. In 2012, 37.8 percent of the population lived on less than $1.25 a day.[

HIV positive rate in Uganda is 6%, that is 2.7 million people.

Just 1 random country. No matter how deserving a refugee is there is a hard limit on how many we can and should take. We should also be blood testing every applicant for HIV/AIDS and chest X ray for TB like Australia does. Police vetting too.

I`m landing on a figure of no more than 5% of the population should be foreign born. No more than 5% of your annual migration intake, EU or otherwise and inclusive of refugee and international student intakes, should be no more than 5% of your projected total births for the year.

All vetted, all health tested, all young enough to pay into a pension and welfare scheme before taking out of it, all skilled. We could also discuss whether or not this number of annual migrants should be employer sponsored. Only allowed if the job has been advertised locally and at the existing pay rate plus. etc etc.

That 5% should be a max limit. During a housing crisis it should be absolutely halted with the exception of say building trades.

This is the kind of debate needed. We are so far from it.


Irish parents are being totally naïve if they don’t see that the various open border routes into these islands are being used for drug running as well as the people trafficking.

REVEALED: The blood-soaked Albanian narco gangs that mean people can get cocaine in British cities quicker than a Deliveroo pizza… and the trail of devastation left in their wake that should shame the middle class addicts who fund them

A special Mail investigation unveils the blood-soaked Albanian narco gangs bringing drugs to the UK | Daily Mail Online

Sky in the UK are now promoting a series called ‘Dublin Narcos’

It could reasonably be assumed that certain Dail politicians have a vested interest in these trading routes, and are not independent in their judgement due to a dependency

Cocaine now seen everywhere, ‘even in Dáil Éireann’, says Sinn Féin TD

Dublin North-West TD Dessie Ellis speaking as statements were being heard on the Citizens’ Assembly on Drug Use

Cocaine has become a “major substance” in Irish society and is seen everywhere, “even in Dáil Éireann”, a Sinn Féin TD has told the Dáil.

Dublin North-West TD Dessie Ellis was speaking as statements were being heard on the Citizens’ Assembly on Drug Use on Tuesday.

Cocaine now seen everywhere, ‘even in Dáil Éireann’, says Sinn Féin TD – The Irish Times

When you are getting moral guidance from the likes of Dessie Ellis…

Those revolutionaries died for this?

Liam Mellows Monument across the road.

Everyone lives in now.

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Celebrating Irish traditions used to include going to mass, has anyone told that to Islammiyah?

You could have a whole thread on “Africans in Irish Ads”, as they appear in almost all now.

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But shur aren’t we Irish meant to be the blacks of Europe?
That’s what they taught us in music class anyway

What happened to Jimmy Rabbitte after?
Most of the cast went on to something else. I don’t remember seeing him anywhere since. You’d think he’d at least get a gig on Fair City.

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