They stand for money.

They stand down when it comes to you.


Some snippets:

Those with an existing Deportation Order can apply
Having convictions for minor offences will not, of itself, result in disqualification.

People with expired student permissions will also be able to apply.
Minister Helen McEntee has described it as a once-in-a-generation scheme

The Minister has said that in regularising those who are long-term undocumented in the State, the Government is keen to also ensure “that we address any legacy asylum cases so that the new system envisaged under the White Paper can come into operation in 2024”


“once in a generation” i.e run it every 10 years should do the trick


Having convictions for minor offences will not, of itself, result in disqualification.

fcuk me what a bunch of idiots, not one dissenting voice in the media of course, you can’t question anything these days without risk being called a racist/facist.


I wish I ran a business, I’d file a State Aid claim with the commission about this. Its obvious that its going to benefit the hospitality sector (but only people who have broken the law and employed people illegally) . It can be done confidentially without the State being given your name but the Commission knows and verifies that you are a real person. If anyone does run a business and wants to put in a complaint about the State giving a benefit to certain companies who’ve employed people for years without paying PRSI etc and now are having a blind eye turned, you can do so here


I feel sorry for you that you think Europe is going to stop this. That old canard that “joining Europe has improved and will continue to improve our domestic institutions”.

No. European Globohomo is perhaps prime driver of this. And all Europe has done is give our domestic elite access to a trough to bribe the populace with so that elite stayed in place. The Globohomo we see all around us is the bill for accessing the trough.


The EU is even funding propaganda through the, whom they saved from bankruptcy:

See the note at the end




What need you, being come to sense,
But fumble in a greasy till
And add the halfpence to the pence
And prayer to shivering prayer, until
You have dried the marrow from the bone?
For men were born to pray and save:
Romantic Ireland’s dead and gone
It’s with O’Leary in the grave.

Yet they were of a different kind,
The names that stilled your childish play,
They have gone about the world like wind,
But little time had they to pray
For whom the hangman’s rope was spun,
And what, God help us, could they save?
Romantic Ireland’s dead and gone
It’s with O’Leary in the grave.

Was it for this the wild geese spread
The grey wing upon every tide;
For this that all that blood was shed,
For this Edward Fitzgerald died,
And Robert Emmet and Wolfe Tone,
All that delirium of the brave?
Romantic Ireland’s dead and gone
It’s with O’Leary in the grave.

Yet could we turn the years again,
And call those exiles as they were
In all their loneliness and pain,
You’d cry, “Some woman’s yellow hair
Has maddened every mother’s son”:
They weighed so lightly what they gave,
But let them be, they’re dead and gone,
They’re with O’Leary in the grave.


  • Based on this experimental methodology the population of Ireland in April 2020 was estimated to be 5.2 million. The age structure of the population reflects the impact of changing birth rate and migration patterns over recent decades.


We just found 200k extra people a whole year earlier than the last estimate:^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1432644460920332289|twgr^|twcon^s1_&

The republic reached the milestone in April, reflecting a combination of net migration and natural increase, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) said on Tuesday.

“Ireland’s population was estimated to be 5.01 million in April 2021, which is the first time the population has risen above 5 million since the 1851 census, when the comparable population was 5.11 million,” said James Hegarty, a statistician with the agency.


interesting how that happens just as they do an amnesty


So this is how the Greens get their Direct Provision pledges achieved…give practically everyone in DP residency status and let them move out of DP. Pledge achieved


Plenty of posters here have echoed that view for a number of years. Yet, in a country with its fair share of political opportunists, nothing has materialised. Why is that? The target audience won’t care how such a party is labelled, as we saw with Casey. But Renua’s performance wouldn’t exactly inspire confidence in the fate of such a party.


They need to be credible in the sense that they need to have strong roots in their local communities. They also need to be motivated by positivity ie a bit of a gra for the country rather than just being anti everyone and everything. Rocking up into local areas with a camera and an internet presence is nonsense.

Many of the loolas who have sought to colonise this space over the past few years have no credibility. I’d be very suspicious of many of these over the top online entities who trade in American style jargon.

You don’t even need any real devotion to ideology. Just a bit of basic kop on allied to purity of intent would be enough to bind a popular front type opposition to the madness.


The race hustlers had a jamboree last night

The award sponsors included Warner Music Ireland, Virgin Media, Intel and Guinness

I assume we’ll see hiring quotas soon to avoid the below. British Telecom announced a 25,% hiring target for immigrants this week
This will mean lower standards and more broken phones.


Plaques for Blacks as Tom Wolfe called it, Bonfire of the Vanities gets better every year, I highly recommend it


Looking forward to the ITs coverage of the Polish, Indian and Brazilian award ceremonies as well


The Gombeen Man - he never went away you know

I was discussing recently with Peter Ryan the failure of the revolutionary Dáil to create the basis for a viable, independent economy. One of the symbols of this was that when Dáil Éireann launched a bond in order to finance the development of the Republic that the overwhelming number of subscribers to it and the Sinn Féin Bank were people with modest incomes and Irish Americans.

Those with money in the Irish banks – and they included not only those whose politics were unionist – almost to a man refused to have anything to do with this. After the Free State was established, following the Treaty that was signed this month a century ago, they continued what basically amounted to a capital strike even against limited independence.

And for all of their public piety, the Irish bourgeoisie looked with scorn upon the Catholic social teaching that had formed the basis of the economic and political philosophy of the majority of the leaders of the revolution – and which was hugely popular among most Irish Catholics.

This was based on the Papal encyclical of Leo XIII which rejected state socialism, but also the amorality of capitalism whose only value was profit. In Rerum Novarum , Leo referred to how the unbridled “free market” had led to a situation “where working men have been surrendered, isolated and helpless, to the hardheartedness of employers and the greed of unchecked competition.”


Professor Kristina Sundquist and her colleagues are under investigation by the Board of Appeal for Ethical Review, a body that reports directly to the Swedish Ministry of Education, over whether or not they had “ethical license” to handle “sensitive data.”

The data in question relates to the identities of rapists in Sweden, which culminated in the paperSwedish Rape Offenders — A Latent Class Analysis.

The published results reveal that immigrants are disproportionately overrepresented in rape cases and commit the vast majority of sexual violence, though the authors did not originally set out to find a link between the variable and rape.

“Immigrants were just a variable, and it turned out to be quite a remarkable discovery as there were many immigrants and foreign-born people in this group,” said Professor Sundquist.

In light of these findings, the Swedish Ministry of Education’s body launched an investigation into whether or not the professor had “ethical permission” to “test the hypothesis if immigrants are overrepresented in statistics on convicted rapists.”