You literally cannot trust anything a liberal sounding Muslim in Europe says.

  • decries flag waving
    Look at all the flag waving that he has no problem with in Pakistan. Flag waving is natural & good.

  • mentions NHS etc
    Institution could only have been built in a cohesive country without mass migration

  • talks about renaming streets "with community’s approval"
    Fails to acknowledge all the demographic change and outside agitators changing community

  • talks about "scars on his body"
    Race hustlers in the US have the same bizarre fetish for talking about “black bodies”. Let’s be clear: all violence against mouthy Pakastanis (probably struck for being mouthy, not Pakastani) is dwarfed by what Pakastani men did to defenceless white girls in Rotherham.


“As a ….”



Dedicated topic - Ireland is experiencing a demographic catastrophe



So how far do ye think we are folllowing Denmark? 10-15 years?


Bonus points if you can identify in advance the Irish politician that goes to prison for enforcing existing laws that are retroactively judged to be insufficiently woke.


Very interesting (but also kinda weird in places) essay published in 1963 by future neocon Norman Podhoretz




Hard to know. Danes (for Scandinavians) are very forthright in their views. Swedes might feel the same but they will just suck it up. Sweden (and to a lesser extent Norway) are the ones to watch first. If they turn then anywhere can.


Germany Is Running Out of Workers, Putting Europe’s Largest Economy at Risk Economists forecast that Germany’s workforce could peak as soon as 2023 and then shrink by up to five million people by the end of the decade. While the pandemic has exacerbated the trend, it is the impending retirement of the baby boomers that is fueling the labor crunch, economists say…


The study found that the top 30 out of 53,000 companies (including the big four tech companies) heavily dominated H1B hiring and mostly hired in the first two categories significantly below the median wage.


There was only one four-bed house, and we had been picked out. It was so very, very lucky’


You’re missing the symbolic subversion messaging! :icon_beer:

There was room at this Inn for these people.


I would say never, the elite in Ireland see themselves as American, they know nothing of Denmark



while our own were turned away!


Jordanian on disability allowance (and the rest) who does not speak English. Doesn’t have the strength to work. Does have the strength to kill(beat to death?) his (Islamic law?) wife



This is where voting to leave the EU and ‘taking back control’ gets you. Not sure how many Brexit voters favour this over the Poles and Romanians coming in

As part of the plans, Indian citizens could be offered similar visa deal to those given to Australians - allowing young workers the right to live and work in Britain for up to three years.

Other mooted options include slashing visa fees for Indian students, and allowing them a temporary stay in the country after graduation.

Work and tourism visas - which at present can cost up to £1,400 - could also be cheapened in a move to sweeten the Delhi representatives.

But we get to sell more Whisky…
It is also a decent possibility that Britain will have an Indian Prime Minister in the next year or two, Johnston is on his final warning after all.


Convicted today.

Pretty close match to the M.O. that Andrew Norfolk describes here:

Goes all the way to the top? Check
Perpetrated by a group? Check
“Lord Ahmed was charged along with his two older brothers, Mohammed Farouq, 71, and Mohammed Tariq, 65, but both were deemed unfit to stand trial.”