Immigration Population

They’re at it as always the menace media. Another squib from their collapsed kybalion playbook as they try to reverse the reality to deflect and confuse people to the truth of the ongoing invasion, the artificial-Irish times always happy to aid and give comfort.

International and Domestic organised crime involved in mass human trafficking into Ireland

Lads paying 15k etc to gain entry to treasure Ireland, bent Bobby’s stamping forms etc etc.

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There needs to be an investigation into the sociology department there-it’s pretty obvious they’re handing out degrees for political reasons. Eileen Flynn is a prime example-there’s no way she’s genuinely capable of writing a dissertation and getting a BA.

Senator Eileen Flynn- speech from 19 Oct 2022 - YouTube

There’s also one very prominent figure in the Irish leftist scene who appears to have been awarded a 1:1 MA for writing a single essay, despite, as far as I can tell, not even possessing an undergraduate degree…

A lot of people were cheering this article last week I suppose it’s ununusal for MSM to print anything in this vein but I’d wonder if Mooney felt or was told he had to end it on a positive spin with the Maynooth and DCU open borders fanatics .

What’s the point in detailing the failures of the system if you wheel out “the experts” to have the last word that say sure climate change is causing it, what can we do about it really and anyway it’s a good thing so let’s have more of it.


Who elected Maynooth?


A few words from the Jamaican “far-right”.

Tbh they may still have been upset their flights had been delayed? :thinking:


Stick it here.

Line-up for his final LL show. :hugs:

Christy Moore, Panti Bliss, Michael D Higgins, Vogue Williams, Nathan Carter, Volodymyr Zelensky, Phillip Schofield, Dylan Mulvaney, Rubberbandit 1, The PBP Topless Witches, Tommy Tiernan.

Satire surely.

Rolf died recently.

Action Man.

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The flags are beginning.


HPV vaccine. That’s the main one sterilization agent. At least before mrna covid thingy

Will you take the pledge? Will you only support someone who does?

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For the video.

Gosh…talk about an overwhelming majority. There aren’t many issues that can boast those kind of numbers - on one side of the debate, percentage wise. If this doesn’t come as an unprecedented shock to the political system then the field is wide open for all comers. Votes going a-begging by the millions…


3/4’s of the population are in with the “far-right” now.

Reality kicking in as to who exactly is extremist? Is this covid all over again? Everyone gets on board with the far right and completely forgets their damascene conversion?


You’ll see a Counter-poll in 2 weeks time with a crafted question or two

"Given Ireland’s own history of emigration…
"Should compassion be shown to those fleeing rape…
"Do you enjoy eating takeaways made by foreigners…