Romanian chap apparently according to newstalk, the poor girl. perhaps this might get the stupidity of giving every swinging dick a free visa despite their past history…


Visa? Who needs a visa? We’re planning to give own door accommodation to every asylum seeker who arrives within months - regardless of whether their application is valid or not.

Remember when Sarah Everard was brutally murdered by a policman in the UK early last year? There were protest marches here about it with the likes of Noleen Blackwell filling the airwaves about male violence against women etc.

Well, around the same time a Moroccan man attacked and sexually assaulted a women in her house. He’d a ton of convictions for violence and was subject to a deportation order. I didn’t hear anyone on the airwaves or few in media asking why this dangerous criminal hadn’t been picked up and deported.



Also yesterday and a little over a year later maybe a game of Nkencho’s got going or something in and around the main entrance to Blanchardstown shopping centre (some photos in reports indicate inside too) but it’s hard to tell with low intensity reporting on that one - maybe because it’s children involved they went to temple street, so child victims, children stabbing children is this it now… well, surprised no videos online but maybe they have since surfaced, but sure the perp was probably mask. Who knows.

TWO MALE YOUTHS have been hospitalised following a public order incident in Dublin this evening.

The incident occurred in the environs of Blanchardstown Shopping Centre at approximately 5.40pm this evening.

Both of the youths have been taken to Temple Street Children’s Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Gardaí have not yet made any arrests in connection with the incident.

Some more reports:


Minister for Justice Helen McEntee said her thoughts were with Ms Murphy’s family, who she said, was “killed in a truly shocking crime”.

No mention of nationality in RTE.


This video was posted to the boards thread of the young lady in question playing some trad:




Mentioned here as Romanian with a track record for violent criminal acts.


The IT are saying he was Romanian and known to Gardai.
A report on the radio this morning said he had serious previous convictions and I was surprised to hear that being said. Hasn’t being repeated since.

I’m sure McEntee sees no irony in her passing on condolences to the Murphy family on the same day as the announcement of the opening date for applications for amnesty for tens of thousands of illegals in Ireland, even those with criminal records are allowed apply.


I predict this murder will now be used by feminists, academics, quangos and other such outfits to have a right good kicking at men in general over the coming days.
They might even get a Govt sponsored review out of it with expenses/payments and time off from the usual day jobs.
Not up for discussion will be increased prison places, longer sentences and deportations



The debate is tedious. Until we reach some utopian point of zero murders, assaults and acts of violence against women, the claxton call will always be that “men” are not doing enough to stop “men” from committing such acts and therefore bear the collective responsibility.



That the effects of male violence are more physical than that of women is a sad fact - though I now wonder how much of that is to do with modern society diverting energy from what would be healthy outlets & male development. Instead - sitting in classes, reduced PE, video games instead of sports or camping, violent music, rappers being idolised, delayed family formation, lack of male role models in primary & even secondary education etc as well as in single parent families which tend to be female - it’s a long list.

Yes women can get violent too - in the past as self harm but even if directed to others women are weaker, so more easily controlled or defended against. Doesn’t make it right but does mean the consequences aren’t usually as graphic.


As @FreeFallin said, you’re already falling Into the trap of the broadening & diversion of the pro migration Left. “Heathy male outlets” has nothing whatsoever to do with the partly ethnic rage that an alcoholic Romanian petty criminal (in terms of convictions anyway, probably not offences) shows here. Why is an alcoholic criminal Romanian allowed to live in Tullamore for 20 years ? WE DON’T HAVE TO LIVE THIS WAY

Also in terms of female behaviour here, you may well find that women were drawn to this dark creep, as they often are to dark hearted creeps.


No. The older I get the more anti-migration I get. Some cultures see women as human (like the Irish where women always had respected roles & rights under Brehon laws) but some others do not, which makes the problem even worse. The gaslighting about this makes social tensions worse still.

I probably do some have remnants of the programming/brainwashing about this remaining though - we all got very indoctrinated growing up. In my bubble/circles anyway.


Some facts here on non-national crime against women in Ireland…(page 226)

Particularly significant are the differences between
the resident national populations of Africa and Eastern Europe
and the number of individuals accused of rape from these coun
tries. African men were approximately ten times more likely to be
accused of rape than would be expected, and Eastern European
suspects were over seven times more likely to be accused given
the proportion of the population that comes from Eastern Europe.


Sweden shows much the same.

The NYE assaults in Germany etc likewise.

Good to see the Irish figures & ty although I’m nearly surprised they got published. They weren’t exactly publicised anyway.


My social media all about it today. All my female friends posting it, most saying men need to step up…


Step up and do what exactly

I’m willing to vote for any political party that takes violent crime seriously, and also deport foreign criminals, since they would never do the same, my advice is to just ignore them


For this specific case I’m reading more & that the man was well known to Gardaí and the courts already? Also known locally as a problem. So the system failed.

Short of the local men forming a militia & putting him under surveillance 24/7 I don’t know that there was much else they could do to have stopped this from happening eventually. That’s not feasible. That’s what we’re supposed to have Gardaí & courts for - to keep the peace.