Immigration Population

Another random stabbing in the city centre-Grafton St is becoming a dangerous place to be.


because he is Mauritian

Mauritian is an ethnicity? I thought it was uninhabited until the ‘colonisers’ got there.

No postal votes for irish born here. You could be on temporary secondment with any of our many multinationals but you can’t vote. But the person who tore up their passports can.

Might be an engineer so don’t judge you Racist fckers :crazy_face:

Former Irish immigration official speaks. This is excellent, gives good background into the process.

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Identify and expel.

2022 Census tells us there are only 11,204 Chinese in Ireland. :whistle:

foreign accents

It must be the Irish far right who are pretending to be foreign, right :joy:

I wandered North and I wandered South in Dublin today. The number of shady characters is immense.

There’s so many physiologically evil looking dark fellas hanging around we can’t have long to wait before foreign gangs start murdering each other. The countdown to the first foreign gangland hit is on.

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the Irish are the blacks of Europe


That’s Racist Comment Man!!

Only 25% Offenders in Jail aint Irish.

Bloods & Crips all ready here.

Also Biker Gangs.

My advice to my Kids,
Get out while you can.

Question is,

Where can we qo to ??

I seriously welcome good advice.

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Nowhere/anywhere because if you want to live the life of a westerner you`ll have to make a stand wherever you go.

Open borders Europe and the rest actually speeds up the take over. This is because the ‘white flight’ effect has so many places to go. Where do we think the Brits, the French, the Germans and Austrians etc are going to go as their homelands get worse and worse?

Why stand and fight if you can improve your lot elsewhere? Move to NZ or Australia, the other side of the world and you will find the exact same problem. Just at a different point along the timeline.

Domino effect.
There is nowhere to go act accordingly.


Hold your ground, and fight for whats yours/ours

Step 1, grow a pair


Confirmation again of the WAR being waged on you.


The same old guff about “GP care” from locals still not willing to say out loud, “We are being replaced. We have a right to a homeland. There will always be a war somewhere. You politicians are to blame for signing us up to this. You deserve to be hated”

“Enough is enough,” said Independent councillor and Wexford County Council vice-chairman Ger Carthy, as reported by the Irish Examiner.
“We have done a lot to help refugees for years, but to find that more are coming is just something we have to object to, because resources for the population that are here no longer exist. There is no primary care centre, there are no more school places, access to local GP services is already at breaking point, and people just can’t take it anymore