Yes. They did. Apparently 2-3 mln Banderistan “refugees” on top of 5 mln already in Poland.
The subSaharan doctors and engineers made their way, too.
Huge tensions are looming. They manage to destroy the last white stronghold of Europe.


Be careful to whom the bread is given. It can come back as a stone.


This language of America does not apply in Europe.


She wants a separate house…so do I.

She says while she would like to have a separate house that would accommodate herself, her children and her mother she also wants to stay close to Oksana and David so that they can help her with everyday tasks like shopping as she does not speak English.

Scenes like these are being replicated in Ukrainian homes throughout the country and with thousands of others who’ve fled the war being accommodated in hotels here pressure is coming on the Government to provide longer-term solutions.


I want a house too :disappointed_relieved:



Might as well sleep on Irish streets as much as Polish?

What the hell is going on?

FF & FG & Greens telling us they can’t afford to give up the windfall from excise duties and VAT returns, yet they think we can house 200,000 extra people in 12 months.

What are the conversations like in Leinster House?


They said over 20k. Then 200kcould be. Then up to 40k.

It’s all PR baloney. Spin and the management of public expectations.
In their politician heads they’re probably thinking around 30k with some extra funding from the EU.


Speaking to a French person in Paris yesterday- they’ve taken in approx 10k despite being 10/12 times our population- are we as usual making tools of ourselves?




Watching the Irish these days, is like being at a party with a very drunk friend who is seriously and dangerously embarrassing themselves, their inhibitions dropped.
You know they are making a fool of themselves, you even fear for them, their naivety maybe, but there seems to be little or nothing you can do to stop what is unfolding.
And you are resigned to that . At the end of the day you will have to plough your own furrow as best you can.


Spain, 10 times the pop and 4.5K so far.


Yes. 4-5% of our population.


Thing is it feels more like he’s driving a car with you/us trapped in the backseat…


A number of fighting aged men from Kashmir, claiming to be Ukrainian at the Dublin Airport Authority Processing centre.
First line of defence being that this is private property.


Fair play to that Dwyer bloke.



Country that doubles it’s population since 2001, struggling now to feed half of them.

It’s the sort of economics and geo politics that a Clowen era Irish Minister feels very at home with, from the lofty perch of their new found NGO gig



Screenshot seen elsewhere. I don’t know what book it’s from, or the original Aristotle work. Anyone?