The Nicomachean Ethics

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Ukraine lotto numbers is a cover for plantation operations radically altering the ratio of native versus rest of world thus far (approx 20 years), and a cover for a broad escalation of globalist plantation of the island under the media fabrication and pretence and successive complicit regimes.

Irish people have been so accommodating to Ukrainian refugees because “they realise it could be them”, according to Jody Clarke, senior external relations associate at the irish UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

…In terms of dealing with issues that refugees face, the UNHCR recently formed the Irish Refugee Advisory Board, which aims to be a voice for refugees.

The voice of refugees

The 8-member group comprises people originally from Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, South Sudan, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.


And we just moan about it on here - really useful stuff that.


So I guess you’re one of those Pro-Irish anti-refugee pricks? :icon_beer:


I read poetry an all like.



Ah INAR, I remember them… Freedom Of Speech, Freedom Of Expression



Policy Potatoes

The day before they announced the latest ramping up of the plantation targest some weeks ago. I happened to have been purusing the daft rental stock of housing for the entire island by using the filter to pull some basic stats. I wondered was it still chronic. I was not disappointed.

There were approx 491 houses for rent, in total, for all of Ireland, and the total figure of properties to rent hovered around 1,400.

Next day, the goombeens upped the stakes in spectacular potato style.

Right now daft is showing 438 houses for rent.

If you set the filter to min 3 bed max 4 bed, capping the rent at €2000, there is a total inventory across all of Ireland of 153 houses within this range to rent (approx 535 beds)

In case you are wondering what is the total rental stock today, it’s even lower, currently daft is showing 1,048 units in total for any location, any type or price.

This sustained malfunction of supply in the rental sector must be some kind of record.

No gaffs to rent.

Soon no milk and bread in the shops.

I guess becasue it’s so serious, the regime have decided to try something really ground breaking.

Importing more people to house and more mouths to feed, appears to be the final solution - Is this a daring stimulus move?

I don’t think it’s ever been tried before, but it’s so crazy it might just work! :icon_beer:


For the sake of comparison here is the headline supply figure within the same 3-4 bed bracket on daft right now:

rent buy
153 6266


Need to keep the momentum going now.


Roscommon GAA makes it onto zerohedge… whatever next?


I’m in NW a lot (other half) - trust me they are completely fcuking lost on the lot, the whole fcuking lot. You wouldn’t even know where to begin to try to extricate their heads from their holes.



“He went on to say that many families in the area are angry at the move but do not feel that they can freely express their objections to the way in which entire local amenities are being absorbed and taken out of use, effectively on an overnight basis.”

They need to be vocal… or else this will keep on happening.


This one crazy weird pattern I’ve noticed over time, invasions are generally not put to a vote for the receiving populations consideration and acceptance.


Very true, but with no local opposition it makes it even easier & faster.


I’m in the NW (very sparsely populated) was at a Catholic kid ceremony…gent over pint more than happy if Govt came looking for his ‘accommodation set-up’ - “might even be a widow or two for the local singletons”. I see no resistance up here at all
although they haven’t experienced any of it yet. Foresight non existent.


In no hurry,…