Great idea… let’s drag war-weary folk the guts of 2,000km across Europe - to live in a tent.

(Direct Provision will soon be seen as the last word in luxury accommodation - while hotels are clearly for refugee lotto winners.)

“The most acute pressure that we’re facing in the immediate term is that we are going to run out of that type of accommodation. Yes, we are going to see Ukrainian refugees, unfortunately, having to be accommodated in circumstances that none of us would have taught imaginable,” he says boldly.

I put it to him, are we talking about tents in places like the Defence Force base at Gormanston?

“Yes, I think we will most likely see that within weeks. Because we are going to simply run out of emergency accommodation. And bear in mind that all of this is coming on top of, you know, a very, very challenging housing situation,” he says.

He makes clear the cost of looking after the refugees from Ukraine who come here “could run into the billions”.




The Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative (GRSI) is an initiative led by the Government of Canada; the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; the Open Society Foundations; The Giustra Foundation; The Shapiro Foundation; and the University of Ottawa.

Literally a paid Soros shill


@Open_Window I wonder does GRSI have a particular focus on “fresh meat from South of the Border”? Don’t rule it out!


Yer Wot? :dizzy_face::roll_eyes:


“also “exploring options” for the restriction of short-term lettings of second or additional private homes in cities and large towns.”


A local elderly lady with an empty house offered/agreed to take in a mother and 2 children.

The following day 6 more refugees arrived and she can’t get them to leave.

The department know they are there and said they are working on it.


Hotel California, Irish Stylee.

Property related of course for those with such interests.


Quick recap:

2020 - Trying to talk parents and relatives terrified to come near you.

2021 - Trying to talk parents and relatives into not taking the death shot.

2022 - Trying to talk to parents and relatives into not talking strangers into their home.

2023 - (pending) Trying to talk to strangers who won’t leave your parents / relatives homes ???


As pointed out on the penny is finally dropping over at thejunkie, see comments:

Followed by a posted video that is a perfect exposé of the deep pathology that has infiltrated every regime orifice and soft tissue:


Today, Chief Builderberg Back Better Covney carries that torch, and let us not forget that in 2018 Simple Simon had a simple vision Tánaiste Simon Covney Confirms 500,000 migrants for Ireland

So the truth is, in 2022, the regime are not being truthful with their low ball figure of 200,000 *refugees. :whistle:

*Refugees being the euphemistic shorthand deflection for the broad all encompassing topic of immigration so nobody notices.


Watch tourism suffer over the next few months…


Leftist cnuts eat themselves. Again.


Went for dinner in local hotel in NW :scorpion:
different experience for sure.


How was the bortsch?


We were the only Irish there (perhaps more a reflection of time of day as us being early as very old nonagenarian) and so seated 'away. The experience was so surreal. But got to discuss ‘shortages’ in WW2 with nonagenarian :roll_eyes:


NOW - Texas is preparing charter buses to send illegal immigrants to Washington D.C., Governor Greg Abbott announces.

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After Dub Airport, Donegal, Roscommon GAA, well…



24m high mural has been unveiled in Tullamore of a young woman who has just been granted refugee status. The mural, created by street artist Joe Caslin, features Zimbabwean Amanda Nyoni, who said it was “a proud moment”. Read more: