ALMOST 50 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Carlow town, including 15 children, a two-month-old infant boy, two cats and a dog.
What a shit show Ireland has become.


Here she is being oppressed in Zimbabwe:

She obviously then heard about Ireland being a soft touch and rocked up not long after (via numerous other countries first I assume) to jump on the NGO diversity gravy train:
The whole thing is just a mockery-of Ireland, the Irish people and the concept of asylum itself. It’s even racist against black and African people by turning them into and presenting them to the world as manufactured characters to indulge white bourgeois utopian fantasies.



Heard that guy from the Refugee Council on Newstalk this morning. Strong whiff of anti-middle class, holiday home owners about the whole thing.

Only a matter of a week or so before we have large numbers sleeping on floors in warehouse type buildings.


Living in Ireland. Moldova’s large diaspora is spread across Europe, including between 25,000 and 30,000 living in Ireland, offers escape route options should the Russian military decide to move further west.



Some predictably culturally appropriate names here…


Muti had 51 previous theft convictions. :roll_eyes:


Expect the Irish times to tell us the rape was caused by single sex schools or some other foolish idea




“6 and 66”


One of the early “refugee” feel good stories.

May have been the best move ever.

Archived link:

  • How did the lad get out of Ukraine when all males were prohibited form leaving? (with exception of Zelensky & his Zoom team).

  • Drove 3,000Km all the way to Ireland, through how many other EU countries?

  • Raises €12,000 equal to approx 15 months wages in Ukraine, after having stuff robbed.

They’d be as good to get in the car, have a road trip home for a bit and by then sure Ukraine will have settled down and then they could buy a gaff with their lucky lotto windfall which could be equal to a 50% deposit or more, depending on where they buy in their home country - either way they’d be cash buyers in Irish market terms… Not bad for a few days driving, on the ladder wha! :dipso:

Average prices for apartments Ukraine-wide

The values below are for lived in apartments.

  • 1-room units: US $26,740
  • 2-room units: $38,880
  • 3-room units: $47,857


Fundraiser by Olena Orman : Ukrainian refugees got robbed! (

€18,270 at the moment


Looks like they want to share it out as they didn’t expect so much!


With regards to one point raised:

:ukraine::zap:All men who left Ukraine after the outbreak of hostilities will be detained upon return

“They will have to explain where and how they managed to cross the border,” said Alexei Danilov, head of the National Security and Defense Council.

He stressed that all the men who left Ukraine were recorded. Upon returning, they will have to report through which point and on the basis of which legal documents they left.


Double asylum bonus. I guess they’ll be staying put.

Why would you go back to have your balls cut off, knees capped or hung from a tree with your pregnant wife for company by Zelenskys globohomo storm troopers, who needs enemies with friends like this eh.


They decided to move back home.

Jews behind Russia-Ukraine war to form new Jewish state - Islamic scholar


…To your 15 hours ago post from above, OW. Sorry, but I don’t know how to copy and paste the topic so it appears on the reply box…

Look at their faces… instagram influencers and crisis actors the tooth work is worth at least 10k. They love to play their games on us, don’t they.

Edit: massive shit storm is brewing in Poland. On top of between 3 and 5 million economic migrants from Ukraine there is now double the number.
Rumors are circulating that local councils and ziopolice force are approaching the “underutilised” houses to force the flood in.
The census is not there without a reason. BTW Polish one didn’t differ much from the Irish so they must be using the same template. I must accualy check the new Irish one, it’s still somewhere in my recycling bin.


BTW if you look at the pictures of Chester Bennington you’ll find some resemblance to live role actor player of Banderistan ( P ) RESIDENT Zelensky.