:latvia::ukraine: Ukrainian refugees seem to have decided to pollute the whole of Europe. But they did not take into account that this cannot last long and that many are running out of patience. Even in Latvia, waving a Ukrainian passport causes only negative emotions among citizens.


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It look like a RU dizinfo distribution front. Postings fits the profile. Not just some guy with a grunge.



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Time for our regular visit to Cognitive Dissonance Street.

In this episode Irish Barristers wonder why they make less than taxi drivers, and lobby H McEntee to 'do something for us woman for God’s sake!!!'

One to ponder for sure!


The surplus of lawyers in the US and elsewhere is the quintessential example of elite overproduction. You can still make big money as a barrister here-you just have to be very good at it.


Just another little snippet of the current insanity.


You’d understand it happening if something catastrophic happened to the U.K. and they came here as refugees. Like Jordan with Syrian refugees etc.

But these guys are from the far side of Europe and we’re an island. They are being transported here. Deliberately. Across the width of Europe to get them here.


This is actually pretty outrageous and borderline fraudulent IMO-Paddy Wagon were not just collecting refugees but have a contract with the government to house them in their hostels too. The one on the corner of Gardiner St and Beresford Place has been converted into a reception centre. Nowhere in any of the large number of features about their “humanitarian efforts” was this mentioned and the gofundme is probably the most gombeenish thing I’ve ever seen-guilt tripping the public into bankrolling their human trafficking operation.



Holiday rations ahoy!

Chairman Klaus Martin and Vice Chairman Klaus Varadkar announce a new National allowance of 2.4 x 99’s (with no topping or flake) per family. Those found in position of a flake whole or in part, on their 99, fingers or face, will face 10 years in prison.



That dilemma again, Ukraine upping the ante has a different idea on limits, if this is accurate:

:ukraine: A draft law on the mandatory return of Ukrainians from abroad has been submitted to the Verkhovna Rada in the event of martial law being introduced

According to the bill, if martial law is introduced in all of Ukraine or its individual parts, then people living abroad and subject to conscription will be required to return home within 15 days.

Valid reasons for not returning will only be natural disasters, business trips, inpatient treatment or other circumstances that prevent departure.

Failure to comply with this requirement will result in criminal prosecution.

Now it is forbidden for men aged 18 to 60 to leave Ukraine - with very rare exceptions.

Since the regime here stands with Zel Boy I’m sure they’ll be more than willing to facilitate the rule of law and send all those useful men of fighting age right back!


That’s a major blow to the fake Ukrainian passport industry.

One day you’re a migrant who spots an opportunity to skip the march across Europe and dinghy to Dover in favour of a flight from Krakow and being put up in some Irish person’s ‘Fair Deal’ home and the next day you’re facing down the Russian army.


Hoteliers being paid €4,800 - €6,000 a month per room for housing Ukrainians (or the Nigerians coming in with them).

If the government was willing to pay the public the special gombeen rate instead of offering us €0, there would be a lot more people willing to take them in.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1514185254357159937|twgr^|twcon^s1_c10&ref_url=

Do ya not feel great lads.


Does that rate apply to Mr Paddy wagon above


Linked from that tweet:

I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, the tax incentives that created a great crop of hotels all over the island no one wanted. Amazing, combined with Alan Kellys change to planning, which was the beginning of emergency planning for this, back in 2015.


The F-Team do love it when a Menace plan comes together.


It’s something else alright!

I pointed out this rather serendipitous Hotel anomaly back in 2020 actually, twice, here Student accommodation converting to other uses and here Calais situation / Refugees, Syria and something else?


Has the penny finally dropped?

Government failure: Thousands of offers to house Ukrainian refugees in Ireland collapse as hosts refuse to answer repeated calls from Irish Red Cross

…Approximately 12 per cent of the 24,411 pledges made through the Irish Red Cross have dropped out so far. 589 offers have been officially withdrawn, whilst 2,367 hosts have not been contactable despite as many as three attempted calls, including in the evenings and at weekends.