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French President Macron makes this campaign promise: "Europe must be ready to accept up to 60 million refugees over the next 20 years from Africa and the Middle East, as sanctions against Russia will lead to an economic collapse in Africa, which, in turn, imports a huge amount of Russian wheat."

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Ireland must be ready to accept a substantially larger number of refugees

Confronted with such elemental desperation, razor fences or detention camps will not stem the mass movement of people

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Easter Monday, birth of a nation an all and we have this:


Simply put the flying of the Ukrainian flag is a calm and joyful way of telling the people that Ireland it is a steadfastly neutral country that embraces all that is good within Irish society.

Actually no there is a certain amount of mind fookery on the part of Gov at play, red rag to a bull and all that.
If papal flags were flying the length and breadth of O’Connell St over Easter
certain communities would feel offended and uproar would ensue because after all not everybody is a catholic and their are some sections of the community that despise the CC.
The government is well aware that their are sections large sections of the community that view Ireland’s one sided stance on the war in the Ukraine as another step towards an ending of neutrality and therefore consider the flying of the Ukraine flag as another step up the ladder.
The powers to be are well aware how decisive symbolism can be so it is fair to assume that a little bit of thought and planning is in the mix.

Only one flag and one flag only should fly in Ireland’s main thoroughfare


I’d say these flags are courtesy of Dublin City Council. And that they were ready to go, as all progressive ‘sanctuary’ cities should be, at the drop of a hat.
If they are not populating the quays with flags of a foreign nation, it’ll be the rainbow or trans flags on a constant basis.
Dublin City centre is like surrendered territory by now. No point going to spend your money there. You’re not really welcome.

Some Retailers need to seriously question rate expense and the possibility of relocating to where their target markets are at now. WFH may have changed the middle income expenditure habits as well, in a double whammy.



Everyone can be housed comfortably together. It’s like a happy UN.


Following extensive enquires,

I’ve had my car broken into and my offices twice. I never ever heard a single word after reporting to police.

They left Ukraine and drove through Slovakia, Czechia, Germany and Belgium before arriving in France. From there, they got the ferry from Cherbourg to Dublin Port.


He had left behind a partner in Sudan but discovered a few years after arriving in Ireland that she had moved on and met someone else. “She was tired of waiting for me, she wanted to live her life, so I had to move on as well.”

So dangerous was it in Sudan that he left his female partner behind there and his 3 year old son as we find out later (below).

Azrag is now living with his 17-year-old son, Hamid, whom he brought to Ireland through family reunification three years ago. He also has a daughter with his ex-partner in Sudan but she was born after he left and they have never met

Azrag has applied for Irish citizenship and also has a daughter in Cork with a new partner.

How does the family reunification work, anyone? How far does it stretch, linear, whole village, etc?

He says his goal is to motivate other people to “live a better life … I’ve learned that every person has a chance to make of themselves whatever they want. I’m just trying to help people to go in the right direction, move to a better place and look after themselves.”


They couple left war torn Ukraine seeking refuge hit Slovakia (nothing to see here) moved on to Czechia, (didn’t like it) moseyed on to Germany (not nice at all) sauntered on to Belgium (too much red tape) trotted on to France (to many refugees) decided Ballymun Dublin was their best option.

They get robbed Laptop, guitar and clothes.

Gardai carry out a forensic examination of the scene and find blood.

Gardai gather CCTV of the perpetrator.

Olena was surprised at the ability of tie Gardai “What took us by surprise was that they could see that it was Ukrainian plates on the car”
Well over €15,000 was raised for the couple on a GoFundMe

The couple, do not want their second names revealed.

The cock and hoopery rolls on unabated.



Here is a question relating to the above,
You leave your country that is at war, your worrying constantly about friends, family, neighbours,workmates and people in general back home your constantly looking for the latest news reports you check into a hotel in Dublin,
would you leave your means of communication in the car ?
A laptop, tablet, guitar, clothes and shoes were stolen and gardai are continuing to attempt to find these item.



Ben Scallan is as stupid as McGurk. These cries of “hypocrisy” achieve NOTHING. Never have. Never will.

Objecting “personally” to a “muslim cleric” having the audacity to be here in an ancient Christian land like Ireland is actually fine. Scallan has internalized the Globohomo mindset. Many such cases!

Now, let’s be clear from the outset: in no way do I intend to criticise or offend Sheikh Umar al-Qadri here personally. From what little I know about the Sheikh, he seems to be a good man.


The impression is also given that we are somehow obliged to take in a given percentage of refugees under EU law. Some prominent journalists are under this misapprehension. One political correspondent wrote last month: “Ireland is bound by an EU agreement to take in 2 per cent of all refugees fleeing Ukraine.”

This is not true. I asked the Department of Justice about the matter, and it confirmed: “There is no quota or legal agreement on the number of Ukrainians arriving into Europe to seek protection which Ireland is obliged to receive.”

Not only is the “two per cent of EU population” figure inaccurate, therefore, so is the notion we are obliged to take in any given percentage. In turn, this means almost all discussion about Ireland’s response to the refugee crisis is based on a misunderstanding of the basic facts. This is no way to conduct state policy.


Is it true the funny :handshake: are the $$$'s behind… well, is that why it’s called GRIPT?



The Ukrainian refugees whose car was allegedly broken into had fled their Kyiv home in the early days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They drove through a number of countries before arriving in Ireland just two weeks before the alleged theft.
Ding dong



Really upping the “we’re desperate” now…


A Government source said the approach was to get “anywhere we can get”, and it is now expected that a deal to take over the entire Citywest complex, including the 700-bedroom hotel in the facility, will be completed by the end of this week.

There have been 10,500 hotel beds sourced, with more than 1,200 people in emergency beds already – used on an ad hoc basis by local authorities across the country in places such as community centres.

Chairman Paul Connolly has one hell of a CV.

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