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Clarissa Dickson Wright 's Book: Spillig the beans.

I think she was telling truth.

Tony Blair. ‘He was a few years younger than me but I remember him well. He was very glib, a chancer and, you know, he wasn’t really respected by anyone of my generation. Everybody used to say, it’s just as well he’s going into politics because he’ll never succeed at the Bar. We used to call him Miranda.’ Because he was wet? ‘No, no, he wasn’t called Miranda because he was wet, ducky!’ Clarissa guffaws impatiently. ‘Remember that scene in The Tempest when Miranda sees the sailors? Well then. He got on conspicuously well with all the male junior clerks. Everybody knew it.’ But he’s married now, I say. ‘So are a lot of peopl


Right see it now, thanks as genuinely unaware of that talent.


The RU majority areas of UA had RU murder rates…


The RU minority areas of UA had murder rates closer to Baltics . Belarus and Moldova.

See the pattern?

Those red areas in UA are mostly DPR at the moment.


Interesting, so apart from Poland and the Czech Republic the murder rate in most of Eastern and Central Europe is a good deal higher than ours. Might explain their over-representation in the Irish criminal justice system.

Just wondering what the road fatality rate might be in Ukraine? Given that Eamon Ryan has just handed them instant Irish driving licenses.


Bicycle licences surely?


That’ll cover up the vaxxidents with some wrong side of the road noise… oh I know I know, but seriously, has their been a DL amnesty for all Ukrainain Refugees?


Who knows.


Year 3, the second phase of Operation €uroboros is well underway. It is clear both provision 5 & 6 in Article 40 are being subverted via the regime LARP.

Provision 6 - Is the very opposite of what the Regime has carried out in plain sight from 2020 i.e. money changed hands with media & co to create a propaganda bubble, creating a civil order where people are afraid and feel totally unable to freely expression their views on the repugnant actions of the so called “State”, while also communicating from ministerial positions that provisions such as peaceful assembly are not welcome or should be allowable, generally menacing mis-representation of the law and foundation of the land, the nation and their inherent inalienable and constitutional rights.

Provision 5, clearly indicates that any and all Irish politicians dictating that people should take this and that into there home (but not turf!) up to the latest comments from Min for Justice, indicates the entire cadre of puppets are not acting in a constitutionally required manner.


“What is required is a multi-disciplinary and professional approach requiring dedicated staff across a range of disciplines including community work and resettlement.”

high level national director

It is also calling for the establishment of a National Ukraine Response Taskforce


Missing the point slightly.

Any Ukrainian neo nazis that arrive here will be held up as examples of our society’s tendency toward white supremacy. There will be calls for ‘us’ to do better, feel shame and amend ‘our’ education system etc etc


Of course, us Irish lads will need to check our despicable racist beliefs. Religious run schools, etc.


Still with the 33,000 number.

The key detail here is “per month” and the letter “s” kids!

Between blowed up bodies, tanks, street to street combat, missile volleys and so on… Blanchardstown library pop ups in the middle of the Intel slava feed.


Happy Weekend.


Until Paddy and Mary taxpayer organise themselves as people in the UK, France, the US and Eastern Europe have done this will continue unabated.
Those trying to make some effort to highlight and oppose the mass migration into Ireland also need general support for the general thrust of their policies, and not bickering on the sidelines, in fighting and general blackguarding because - you don’t tick every little box I need you to tick.

Otherwise the Dail, Civil service and associated Gombeen hangers on will continue to have everyone where they want them, and it’ll be Carry on Globalism. Sure they’re meeting such little resistance.


“an expanded acquisition programme”

This puts all empty gaffs in cities and ‘large’ towns in the firing line. Still think a lot will be fair deal scheme gaffs, no?

Surely a cap/end has to come soon.


The question is where is the inflection point. Why did Ireland face an inflection point in 06/07 with the property lunacy. And in 12/13 with the floor coming in under the market.

And if an inflection point comes, why won’t the NGO sector and Open Borders industry go to work on the mainstream media and Normie politicians to make their lives misery.
We all feel an inflection point will come. We all know this really, question is will there be a country worth saving by that point.


Never thought I’d be reading the Roscommon Herald. Anyhow, 90K vacant gaffs. Have relative coming back after 40 years in NY, as sick of being spat at - need to get her to shore up her empty SCD gaff asap.

In fact, little bit surprsied at the 90K, would have thought more like 150K? Where’s that empties thread?

According to the Residential Buildings Report, there were 90,158 vacant dwellings across the State in 2021.

While the Government has scrambled to source housing, Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien was advised by the construction industry to pay for the refurbishment of privately-owned vacant homes in order to meet the urgent housing need.
James Benson, director of the Irish Home Builders Association, said that labour shortages are affecting construction, and refurbishing existing vacant stock would be less labour intensive than some home-building projects.

However, the Dereliction Act allows local authorities to put a property on the Derelict Sites Register once they have undertaken a “reasonable effort” to identify them.

Accommodation for refugees

Despite there being several hundred derelict properties across the country, they need a lot more work than vacant properties, and therefore won’t be immediately beneficial for housing refugees.
“Over the next two to three years dereliction could play a big part but in the urgent need we have now, it’s the vacancies that are the massive opportunity,” said Ms Sherry.
“Other countries don’t have that amount of homes just lying there empty, but we’ve got them.
“They might need a little bit of work but in comparison to a new build, they would be way cheaper.“ A lot of our vacancies are in existing towns… and in existing city centres as well… places where they don’t have to get a car, they have access to things, and they are going into existing communities that can welcome them.”


Are they counting houses that aren’t currently habitable?