Safe to say they are not anywhere near planet earth if they think there are 90k vacant units.


You have figures?


She and her husband had decided the best place for her to go was Germany.
“That was the plan. Then we heard about how well Ukrainians were being treated in Ireland, including some pregnant women my husband’s friend knew, So we changed the plan completely. I booked a ticket for Dublin and arrived here on March 19.”



It’s a new plantation.


Whenever an Irish politicians talks about how ‘diversity is a strength and culturally enriching’

What they really mean is Naked Africans walking down O’Connell Street in the middle of the day

— ChudMcHugh (@Gaelic_Hotep) April 22, 2022

> We’re children of a fighting race
> That never yet has known disgrace


One-punch killer jailed over man’s death is out of prison after serving less than four years (


Has to come and soon.


What a policy. Should be fine in the long run, once properly structured, etc

The population of Lisdoonvarna in Co Clare — best known for its annual matchmaking festival — has doubled in size from 800 residents to almost 1,600 in four weeks. The population of Ballyvaughan, a small harbour village also in Co Clare has increased from 250 residents to 510.

Locals apparently keen keen for now anyway (foresight lacking it would appear, or fear of the liberal pc mob):

Many have also arranged trips for the refugees to hurling matches or surfing on the beach. Easter camps for Ukrainian children have also been organised.

And then there’s the multi-faceted, cross-disciplinary, holistic focused, blah, blah,…

Sarah Clancy, of Clare’s Public Participation Network, agreed and has alled for a “Nphet-style” emergency task force at government level.

Cathal Crowe, a Fianna Fail TD for Clare, said his county was eager to “throw its arms around Ukrainians” but that he too had concerns about capacity and a lack of infrastructure. “It alarms me every time I visit the refugees to see that — apart from the department of social welfare staff — this is largely being held together by volunteers.”

Translation - “fcuk me, we’re being invaded here”



Last week Taoiseach Micheál Martin said the Government was not considering imposing a cap on the number of Ukrainian people entering the state.
A Behaviour & Attitudes survey for the Sunday Times at the weekend found that more than half of those polled would be willing to take a Ukrainian refugee into their home if they had room.

The Irish bought and paid for lot,no mention of the majority wanting a cap, just highlighting what they’re told to emphasise. :roll_eyes:


This is only the beginning. It probably needs its own thread.


If the injections were Ukrainian Refugees, the Regime would have been found out within the first month of their assault on the Irish people.

If you carry on the analogy and transpose the time line then May this year probably equates to 2022 in terms of public opinion and knowledge.


We were away last week and spent some time in Duleek, the local pub with accommodation seemed to putting up a lot of refugees from the middle east with a lot of stunned people wandering around the town.

visited bettystown and there was an old style guest house with a lot of 20 something year old africans milling around.

one unforeseen side affect we will see in the summer for those holidaying in Ireland there will be a large lack of anywhere to stay due to anything available being hoovered up for inbound migrants


The stunned people - presumably you are referring to the paddies? My ref above re Clare, ‘work connection’ telling me it’s reaching a tipping point. On the plus side, more lasses and diversity for the matchmaking festival.


To be honest it would make me a bit more hesitant about booking a holiday in Ireland & wandering about on* my own…


Many good peeps feel your pain.


Mass Immigration Not Going So Well For Paddy. Caution: Violent Scenes


The Honeymoon is over.


Apparently some slurs are allowed in Ireland as insults. “Gammon” is Pat Stacey’s choice.


The Swedish Prime Minister claims that the integration of migrants has failed