Yet another underemployed Eastern European targettng young women…isn’t our welfare system just great.

Judge Carroll heard Szymczak has 26 previous convictions for offences ranging from burglary and criminal damage to drug possession and assault.


So Sweden approx 14% of population non national and yet almost 60% of its convicted rapists non national. Denmark again approx 14% of population non national and yet 40% of prisoners non national. :+1:



Update on Ukrianian numbers:

About 31,000 refugees have now come to Ireland, with about 21,000 requiring State-provided accommodation.Mr O’Gorman said there was a dip in arrivals but recently the State saw increases in the numbers arriving with a peak of 400 arrivals on one day last week.

Speaking to person in Kerry few days ago - 50% of local school now Ukrainian.


Bord Gais advert

I’d hate to be an Irish actress looking for a wife gig in an advert. “Sorry Niamh, you’re not what we’re looking for in this campaign!”


The original sin of the new secular arreligion.
They’ll be telling us next that nursing infants show a preference for cis breasts over trans ones, the little bigots.



Following in the footsteps of Ahmed earlier in the year.


Judge Walsh noted that interpreter costs were funded by the taxpayer and said: “They have no need for an interpreter when they go to buy their hooch. They don’t need assistance when they’re signing on for social welfare.” She continued: “While he might have very little recollection of what happened, his two victims have.
“He’s been living in Ireland for the past five years and he wants an interpreter.
“He didn’t need an interpreter with him when he went to buy his drink, or when he goes shopping. They know more English than we know ourselves.
“I’m sick to the back teeth of people hiding behind interpreters. He beat the sugar out of two people who were just doing their job that night.”


I was before this particular judge about five years ago on a bizarre “dangerous parking” charge which I fought. (I was parked on a single yellow line within the hours permitted - between 7pm to 7am which I was able to prove.)

She made mincemeat of the Garda who issued the ticket and the subsequent summons and said it was crystal clear that no offence had been committed and that it was a waste of the court’s time and mine!


9,216 requests for interpreters last year

An inadvertent leak of the extent of crimes being committed by foreigners. That’s a shocking figure.



The court heard that Pirvu has three previous convictions in Romania and Germany, including for robbery, attempted rape and assault.


Mr Clancy will call on the Government to ease work permit rules for non-European Union workers saying: “Given the context of the nature of employment in the pub sector, access to a visa-free labour pool is crucial.”


We already have pubs in Dublin where all or most of the staff are Brazilian, but still it’s not enough

If anyone in the Labour Party wants to know why their party is finished, it’s because of things like this


Mr Clancy also said that Covid has had a serious impact on labour supply for members, and that pub owners are “crying out” for staff.
He said that pubs have had to adjust to the serious skills shortage in many ways, including training new staff who are both young and inexperienced.
He told politicians that this is not sustainable if businesses are to remain viable.

What the fcuk is unsustainable about training new young staff. These gombeens need to be ignored - close down pal if you can’t make it.


There is a better way

Awad and her younger sister are the only family members facing deportation. Their situation is far from unique. In 2019, the Danish government notified about 1,200 refugees from the Damascus region that their residency permits would not be renewed.

Unlike the United Nations and EU, Denmark judged the region to be safe for refugees to return. However, as men could be drafted into the army and older women often have children enrolled in Danish schools, the new policy predominantly affects young women and elderly people

Blinkenberg says Denmark’s policy towards asylum seekers and refugees has become notably more hostile in recent years. “In 2019, the Danish prime minister declared that Denmark wanted ‘zero asylum seekers’. That was a really strong signal,” she says


But we need immigrants to please the Holy God of Economic Growth; how on earth will Denmark manage? Growth - the cure all.

Complete Globalist baloney.


No doubt this will be a token effort, but let’s see…

The fact that they are raising it at a Dáil Tourism committee shows that there is some scrutiny of what they are at and some focus at least on why the single market has failed to match excess supply of labour in Southern Europe with excess demand in Northern Europe.


In case you noticed that 98fm has essentially become Dublin’s Black Music Station here’s is why.

Dublin’s Good Times will be reflected in the music played on 98FM. Listeners can expect to hear the very best Old Skool & Anthems from Dance, Hip Hop and R&B including classic anthems from Daft Punk, Eminem, Destiny’s Child and the Black Eyed Peas complimented by today’s best.

Commenting on this new position for 98FM, James Brownlow, Managing Editor, Music & Entertainment, Bauer Media Audio Ireland said:
“With Dublin’s Good Times, 98FM is for a Dublin audience who, in the noughties, were out discovering life, having their first big relationships, holidays, responsibility free and just living their best life! As the country feels like it’s heading towards the Good Times again, we’re bringing a format to the market that is super focused on delivering nothing but Good Time anthems and experiences all day every day. There is nothing like 98FM in the Dublin market for audiences, I’m confident listeners are going to love how it makes you feel”

98fm - the African Taxi Drivers choice