And yeah if it continues i can see support to leave Europe increasing

Just like Brexit, Blame the EU for the fallout of bad domestic politics!


IMO, it will be other countries before Ireland.

Those bumbling Britons with their Brexit…


64 million.

They left out the 60.


What the age profile up North?

If we have a referendum on the north joining the south in the next decade, which I think we will, would that increase the pension problem or reducde it?


It increases the Angry Nordie problem


The EU certainly does not aid matters, the thick political class of this country seem to take all the worst aspects of the EU/neo liberalism/what have you and implement it lock stock.

Take the A10 enlargement, we did not have to open our borders, ditto signing up to any of the “human rights”, ECJ etc nonsense, but we do. Fair enough its our dear leaders signing the country away of their own volition, but if Ireland was outside of the EU there would be less scope for them to do harm.


You also have to believe that we will cut carbon/green house emissions while adding 4 million to the population

It keeps getting better, we will build smaller houses and push up the prices at the same time, and since I’m a cynic, I wonder what kind of house does John O’Hara and his fellow city planners live in


Someone needs to go Travis Bickle on these ‘planners’


Fianna Fail councillor hoping to tackle ‘pandemic of racism’ if elected to the Seanad

Uruemu Adejinmi hopes to be Fianna Fáil’s selected candidate to contest the upcoming Seanad by-election

A councillor of African background who was “head hunted” to join Fianna Fail hopes to tackle the “pandemic of racism” if elected to the Seanad.

Longford Cllr, Uruemu Adejinmi, hopes to be Fianna Fail’s selected candidate to contest the upcoming Seanad by-election.

The 43-year-old could become the first person from an African background elected to the Oireachtas.

She told the Irish Daily Mirror her mission is to tackle discrimination that migrants face in Ireland.

When asked why she joined Fianna Fail and her thoughts on the government’s handling of minority groups throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Ms Adejinmi said: “Fianna Fail strives for an Ireland for all so I was happy enough to align myself with Fianna Fáil and work with Fianna Fail party members to actually achieve that goal.


Ireland for all is a goal?? And there was me thinking it’s only another daft FF slogan.
But what is it they want?
Ireland for all the Irish?
Ireland for all of Africa?
Or Ireland for anyone from anywhere who just turns up here and wants to stay?
No doubt Mad Mickey will soon tell us.


Another press release masquerading as news. Neither tabloid nor broadsheet ever ask any basic questions.

-where is this racism?
-where is this discrimination?
-who is perpetrating it? name and shame.
-quantify the harm, if any?
-what laws, that are not already on the statue books, are needed to solve it?

Race hustlers gonna race hustle. Fitting that a Nigerian, long stereotyped as the wide boys of Africa, joins Fianna Fail, the party of the wide boys of Ireland.


Another unelected Woke Manchurian Candidate appears from nowhere accompanied by lots of media coverage to get installed in the Senate, just like Eileen Flynn and Lynne Ruane. This is the globalist technocracy undermining democracy in plain sight. If she hasn’t appeared on the cover of at least one of the weekly supplements and the Late Late Show by the end of next month I’ll eat my hat.


Suggest the MSM go down to Longford and ask them how they feel about this. Before they’ve all left.


In keeping with our ‘doff the cap’ mentality to out perceived betters, the Irish Govt have decided to light up buildings around Dublin in red this weekend for Chinese new year. Given what the Chinese unleashed on the World this past 12 months, you’d think we might have let it slide for a year or two.

RTE radio and TV all featured the celebrations here in Ireland amongst the Chinese. According to their reports, the Chinese population in Ireland is 60,000. And they say that without any fear of ever being pulled up by the fact that the last census showed a fall in Chinese here to just under 10,000!
The chances are that it’s probably around the 100,000 mark.

And we wonder why we have a housing shortage crisis the past 7 or so years!


This year we’re taking holidays in Cong.
Before they change the name.
In case it offends people from Congo.


A multi-racial and multi-cultural Ireland is our ambition - Declan Kearney



As the momentum for Irish unity continues to grow, how to entrench racial equality and racial justice should be made part of those discussions.

A new constitutional settlement in Ireland must reflect the diversity of our people, and guarantee the human and democratic rights of all minorities.

The new Ireland of tomorrow should celebrate its multi-racial and multi-cultural make up, and ensure that Irish society becomes a truly inclusive and welcoming place for everyone who has chosen to make this country their home.

Sinn Féin is absolutely committed to helping achieve that ambition through progressive public policy and legislation, a rights-based, multi-racial and multi-cultural Ireland.

Trigger warning: It’s An Phoblacht:whistle:


Which is about as faraway from their origins as you can get “US Ourselves” perhaps they should change their name to “Muid Linn”.


Potemkin republicanism.
Traditional “Republicanism” was infiltrated and subverted from the 60s onward.
Clever strategy really…

They would ultimately serve the bankers interests, by loading the citizens of Ireland up with even more debt if they ever got their greasy hands on the levers of power.


McEntee to propose shorter wait for child citizenship (

The justice minister will today propose a move that will make it easier for children to obtain Irish citizenship.

Helen McEntee will bring a proposal to Cabinet which will ensure that children born here, but whose parents are not Irish citizens, and who are not entitled to citizenship at birth, can become citizens in three years instead of five.

Under the current regime, a child born here but who is not entitled to citizenship because their parents are not Irish citizens, or because they do not meet the three-year residency requirement prior to the birth, needs to be resident in Ireland for four of the previous eight years before they can become citizens, as well as be resident here for a year prior to application.

More sabotage from the regime that cowers in their palace.


Have we had a justice minister with a brain since McDowell?