Someone like her should really prefer a slowdown in migration since she has a sick child requiring hospitals. She appears to be a migrant herself. This should not automatically mean someone is pro open borders or unrestricted numbers. Again she has a sick child. Incumbent migrants who have made their home in Ireland already also suffer from over crowding.

But it is clear she is a moron. She automatically calls it racist that irish should be homed first and foremost.

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Mattie McGrath’s contribution in the Irish Times article above nails it…

Mr McGrath said the Irish public had been very generous and welcoming in their response to people fleeing the war in Ukraine “but does that mean if your neighbour comes and helps, that you give him the keys of the house?

“Do you give him the keys of the house, give him our car and give him our bank card? People are doing this, but the Government have no plan.

“Just tell everyone we have open borders here — we’re like a magnet attracting people from everywhere and then the systems can’t function. Social welfare, health, all the different systems, speech and language therapy people on lists for four years, you name it, we’re already in a mess. I want to see the people being properly looked after, a proper welcome with proper services, not hand it over to too many and then we’re not able to deal with them.”

When asked if he wanted to see limits on the numbers of refugees, Mr McGrath said he did. Ireland should “cut our cloth according to measure as we would have to do with a household — we can’t just have open borders and the Taoiseach running over to Europe being a good boy every time — cheerleading to cut off Russian gas; cheerleading that we have open borders.

“Other countries have learned the lessons here and we’re just blindly running down a cul-de-sac and we’re going to be in huge trouble,” Mr McGrath said.


Arrivals from Ukraine in Ireland Series 3

There were 38,700 arrivals from Ukraine in Ireland by the week ending 19 June 2022, an increase of just under 3,000 in two weeks

Key Findings

  • As of the week ending 19 June 2022 there have been 38,700 Personal Public Service Numbers (PPSNs) issued to individuals from Ukraine under the Temporary Protection Directive.
  • Women aged 20 and over account for 47% of arrivals to date, while individuals aged 0-19 (both male and female) account for 37%.
  • The highest percentage of those arriving (41% or 15,850 individuals) were categorised as ‘One parent with children’ under the broad relationship classification headings used. Note that spouses/partners may have stayed in Ukraine.
  • As of 07 June 2022, of the 6,890 children who arrived from Ukraine and enrolled in school, 71% were in primary education while 29% were in secondary education.
  • Based on administrative data currently available to the CSO, of the arrivals from Ukraine aged 18 and older, 89% showed activity in administrative data after the 15 May 2022.

And Sinn Fake

And the open borders gang

What fat slugs like Darragh are responsible for

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Too late.

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As allways. A prize prick.

Some spots in Europe are still protected

Rights groups call for probe after more than 20 migrants killed at Spanish enclave ‘Stampede’ said to have happened as 2,000 tried to breach fence separating Morocco and territory of Melilla Some of the migrants climbing fences separating Melilla from Morocco on Friday © Javier Bernardo/AP Share on twitter (opens new window) Share on facebook (opens new window) Share on linkedin (opens new window) Share on whatsapp (opens new window) Save Peter Wise in Lisbon YESTERDAY Receive free EU immigration updates We’ll send you a myFT Daily Digest email rounding up the latest EU immigration news every morning. Human rights groups have called for government investigations after more than 20 people died when about 2,000 migrants tried to breach the perimeter fence separating Morocco from the Spanish enclave of Melilla.

The migrants, mainly from sub-Saharan Africa, attempted to scale a barbed wire-topped fence on Friday, leading to violent clashes with Moroccan police and Spanish security forces around the perimeter of the territory on the north African coast. Morocco said that 23 migrants were killed and scores injured in what it described as a “stampede”, with some crushed and others falling from the top of the fence. The Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH) put the death toll at 29, citing local medical officials.

The deaths mark the most serious incident at Melilla, which together with Ceuta, another Spanish enclave on the coast of Morocco, have attracted thousands of African migrants trying to enter Europe over the past decade. Spanish police estimate that more than 13,000 immigrants crossed the Mediterranean from Morocco to Spain last year. More than 140 mostly Moroccan police officers were also injured, five of them seriously, in the two-hour clash between predominantly young male migrants, some armed with sticks and stones, and security forces in riot gear who fired tear gas into the crowd. Video footage, which AMDH said was shot by members and sympathisers, showed dozens of migrants lying on the ground by the border fence with Moroccan security forces standing over them. Many appeared injured and some were apparently lifeless.

Pedro Sánchez, Spain’s prime minister, blamed “mafias that traffic in human beings” for what he called “a violent and organised assault” on the Spanish enclave. He said Spanish and Moroccan police had co-operated in “repelling this violent attack”. Esteban Beltrán, head of Amnesty International in Spain, called on authorities in Spain and Morocco to “promptly investigate the serious human rights violations” that occurred “on both sides of the border”.

He said Amnesty had seen images showing Moroccan security officers using “excessive force against migrants and refugees”, saying they used “batons to beat people who were already totally under their control and who did not offer any resistance”. Beltrán also accused the Spanish authorities of forcibly ejecting migrants from Melilla, a practice he said was prohibited under international law because it prevented possible refugees from making requests for international protection. He said most of the migrants trying to enter the Spanish enclave were fleeing conflict in South Sudan and should be treated like war refugees. “It is essential to create a legal and safe route for people to ask for asylum,” he told reporters.

Human rights organisations in Morocco have also called for an inquiry. Morocco has on occasion turned a blind eye to migrants attempting to storm the border fences at Ceuta and Melilla as a way of putting pressure on Spain over its stance on the disputed territory of Western Sahara. Friday’s mass attempt to enter Melilla was the first since Spain moved to mend frayed diplomatic relations with Morocco by announcing last month that it supported Rabat’s plan to offer autonomy to Western Sahara under Moroccan sovereignty. The UN has tried and failed since the 1990s to organise a referendum to determine whether Western Sahara should become independent or part of Morocco.

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The #IrelandIsFull hashtag on the twatter looks to have very much taken off.


Putin’s legacy! At least these guys escaped…

Helen. It’s not the likes of your son whose bumping the numbers up. Look at 3 of the last 4 female violent deaths in Ireland. What’s changed in Ireland "since you were younger"

Attitudes underpinning violence against women had worsened in some respects, she said.
“I am terrified of my son getting older and knowing how people engage with each other, how things have moved online. Porn is so freely available. People have different perspectives on what a healthy relationship is,” said the Minister. “I think it has shifted even since I was younger and if we don’t deal with it now, it is going to get even worse.”

Beaten to death

On Christmas Eve, Zeinat Bashabsheh (42) was violently killed at her home in Park Na Sillogue Court in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow. Her partner has been charged with murder.


Bahaalddin Al Shwawra, 42, a Jordanian national, lived at the same address as Zeinat Bashabsheh at Park Na Sillogue Court in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow.

Stabbed to death

Fabiole Camara de Campos (32) was found dead at her home in Charlestown Place on St Margaret’s Road in Finglas on November 4th having suffered several stab wounds. Her husband has been charged with her murder.


Dressed in a black T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms, Mr Costa Silva, also a Brazilian national, sat silently at the side of the courtroom. He listened to the proceedings with the aid of an interpreter.

Strangled to death

Murphy was jogging along the Grand Canal in Tullamore shortly after she finished work at 3 pm. She was attacked at around 4 pm on Fiona’s Way, a canal walkway just outside the town in Cappincur, named after missing woman Fiona Pender.[10] Murphy sustained serious injuries consistent with a violent assault and was confirmed to have died from strangulation


31-year-old Jozef Puška, a Slovak national

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Let’s not forget the role of the Legal Profession in these disgusting cases

Revealed: Ringleader of Rochdale grooming gang WON’T be deported to Pakistan because of loophole that let him RENOUNCE citizenship of his native country just five days before key hearing

  • A ringleader of the notorious Rochdale grooming gang known as ‘The Master’ by his fellow abusers has won his battle against deportation to his native Pakistan
  • The taxi driver, 51, was convicted of trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child and jailed for nine years in 2012
  • Whistleblower Maggie Oliver, who resigned as a detective over failings in how police handled grooming cases in Rochdale, said victims would be horrified

Grooming gang leader WON’T be kicked out of UK after winning his fight against deportation | Daily Mail Online

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Indo being racist as usual, by highlighting crimes committed by these vulnerable parishioners.

A Dublin man


An interesting topic here from 2008, where user @PROFESSORI was highly prescient and correct on many points or observations they raised, despite the incredulity expressed by many posters, they stayed on point and expanded it out, completely relevant to this topic because Ireland is now there if not past what was very clearly outlined 14 years ago : The Great Experiment Is Over


From that thread:

"However I would content that this portion of your link, namely .

It is predicted that by 2020 the population of Ireland will have grown from 4.1 million to 5.3 million. The number of immigrants will have risen from 400,000 to 1 million and will account for 19% of the country’s population.

is pure arse."

The Prof wasn’t far off on pop.

Edited as linky no working.