BAU even during level 5 lockdown and with 25% unemployment

There isn’t a generation of Irish people who would have stood idly by and tolerated this in the past

Frontline workers among 1,200 people granted Irish citizenship since January

Citizenship ceremonies have been temporarily replaced by signing a declaration of loyalty.

FRONTLINE WORKERS ARE among over a thousand people who have received Irish citizenship over the last three months.

1,200 people have received Irish citizenship since 18 January under a new temporary statutory declaration process which replaces the need for applicants to attend citizenship ceremonies.

The ceremonies, which are usually a requirement, have been suspended due to the pandemic.

Instead, under the temporary system, applicants can complete the naturalisation process by signing a statutory declaration of loyalty.

The Department of Justice intends to have communicated with all applicants who had been in the system for 24 months as of 30 December by the end of June as part of efforts to process a total of around 24,000 applications.

Minister for Justice Helen McEntee said that “around 1,200 people have received their Irish citizenship in the 10 weeks since I opened the temporary statutory declaration process”.

“I understand that this includes a significant number of frontline workers who have made such vital contributions during the pandemic,” McEntee said.

“This is fantastic news for the people involved and demonstrates clearly that the process is working,” she said.

“A further 1,159 people have returned their signed statutory declarations and we will be sending them their certificates of naturalisation in the coming weeks.

“We achieved our target of communicating with 4,000 people by the end of March and are now extending the statutory declaration process to a further 2,500 people. By the end of June, 6,500 people will have been given the opportunity to complete their Irish citizenship.”

Frontline workers among 1,200 people granted Irish citizenship since January (

Terms like ‘Frontline workers’ and ‘essential workers’ are used liberally in the media to give the impression that everyone here is a paramedic rushing to the latest Sars Cov2 emergency, saving our skins.


This is the actual score

“You are not a naive person but find it useful to give that impression from time to time,” counsel asked her. She denied this.
He said her objective was to secure the “promised land” of residency in Ireland. She denied this and said that seeking marriage had nothing to do with her asylum application.
Mr Molloy put it to her that when the woman in the mosque marriage service told her about the accused, the fact that he was a “naturalised Irish citizen” was “one of his unique selling points”. She said this woman hadn’t mentioned his status, “she just spoke nicely about him”.


Irish People can not get their passport renewed or returned while being terrified thinking they will need to take experimental mRNA junk to screw with bodie ot get out for a bit of a holiday, but stand back… if you’re on the latest Soros paid for Banana boat, here, have a Bank account!

One piece of the puzzle. Many pieces remain hidden from the Irish people.


Tucker takes on the Anti Defamation League on why his country is getting flooded with migrants

Predictably enough, as sure as night follows day, the Zionists try to get him fired

‘Tucker has got to go’: ADL urges Fox News to fire Carlson for white supremacist ‘replacement’ theory
Fox News is facing growing pressure from the Anti-Defamation League and other anti-hate groups calling for Tucker Carlson’s removal from the network, after a segment on his nightly programme invoked the white supremacist “great replacement” theory as he argued that immigrants entering the US would “dilute the political power” of Americans.

During an appearance on CNN on Sunday, ADL executive director Jonathan Greenblatt criticised the network and its Murdoch family ownership for failing to act, urging that “Tucker has got to go.”


:notes: She ain’t heavy…she’s my cousinnnnnnn

In August 2017 he married his wife, Fatima – a union arranged by his family. “She’s my cousin. We’d known each other all our lives

Last year Kamal cofounded a campaign calling on the Government to fast-track citizenship applications from healthcare workers

My kids love Ireland

The important question is…will they love their cousin

Only 2 days ago


That means Pak babies are being born in Birmingham at way more than twice the national rate.


Man lived under false name for eight years (

Mr Heneghan said his client was born in China, but came to this country on a student visa in 2002 before moving to Northern Ireland in 2004 where he worked illegally.

Counsel said that in 2009 his client’s mother became ill and he wished to visit her in China, so he purchased a legitimate Northern Irish birth certificate belonging to another person. He used this birth certificate to obtain an Irish passport which, in turn, he used to obtain other documents.

He said many people in the US from this country were living such lives as his client lived here. He submitted that while his client did make a gain for himself by deception, “nobody has made a loss”.


Experimental methodology shows net migration at about 200,000 people between 2014 and 2020

Net migration between 2014 and 2019 was estimated to be in the range of 190,400 to 199,100, based on experimental annual methodology

circa 35,000 a year net migration into Ireland. That’s just the official line.

1 million migrants into Ireland for Project 2040 seems to be broadly on track.