Something tells me we’ll be getting a lot of Twink asylum seekers ready to liven up the chemsex parties. ‘Homosexuality is criminalized across many parts of the world…we have a duty blah blah’

19 and Gay in Iran ? Write to Roddy ! (Include a picture)


It’s incredible to think that just over a year ago this guy’s political power extended to getting pedestrian crossings installed and trees trimmed in Blanchardstown and now he’s writing blank cheques for a literally unlimited permanent black hole in the nation’s finances, and that’s before you even scratch the surface of all the other issues arising from this policy.


It’s such a blatant insult to the populace - as well as to the spirit of the intention of the 2004 Citizenship Referendum.




The fact there isnt even someone with the resources to instigate a private challenge against what is quite possibly the worst policy decision in the last 30 years, says it all, we’re a broken populace. The EU and the globohomo cabal will do more long term damage than 800 years of Norman/British occupation.


The government are going to have to thread carefully here as once Covid is in the rear view mirror the mass housing demonstrations will commence. If there is a perception that AS are being favoured for housing then even SF might change course. O’Brion might not be speaking for the rank and file. One thing for sure is that there won’t be enough to go around before the next election so hard choices will have to be made.


Interestingly enough, this story and video has gone viral in the US and probably beyond. Some think it staged. Not too clear now all the same. Those cries of pain sound real. Nor is it clear if it is Norn 'Iron or The South, however there does appear to be a Burgess Park in Westmeath.

Irish Man Beats Two Men Doing The Nasty In A Public Park Near Children’s Area With A Club

A man filmed himself confront two other men having sex in Burgess Park in Ireland.

The man filming is seen walking up to what looks like a tent and swinging a wooden club of some sort, whacking the men doing the nasty deed.

One man is heard saying his leg was broken.

As the News has reported, Burgess Park has developed a reputation as hookup area in recent years but park goers have been particularly concerned about sex acts, including those being filmed, taking place in daylight hours.

Complaints to police include cases where parents and children have witnessed sex acts. One distraught mum hurried away her children after stumbling across men having sex at 8am on a Sunday morning. Much of the activity occurs in close proximity to children’s play areas.


It’s a dilly of a pickle, on one hand you have two engaging in what would probably be an illegal act in public, while a third man is engaging his righteous ire to protect innocent children. So is it a hate crime?

If this is to be spun as a “hate crime”, then maybe it’s as simple as that, then Judge Dredd absolutely hates this crime, so maybe he wins.

Such a display of tolerance would shock many, while others cheer on and view this man as a hero - the world really needs to deal with that reality, and not the abstract marketing concepts - why would this man be motivated as such and why would others see him as a hero?

You can not ignore his “feelings” of one group agains the feelings of another “group” because that would be, well, counter tolerant, or is it intolerant and then things get out of balance right?

In summary, one thing is clear, in 2021 things are very very far away from “what 2 consenting adults do in their own home”, then again, maybe this is a housing crisis issue and the guys have no homes to go to, they are the ultimate victim and therefore win by default, and we do really need to house the rest of the world as quickly as possible no question asked.




The hustle is up!


I do not think I have ever seen tweets so ratioed!!!

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Is it ?
It’s clear from Tatchell’s tweet that he and Stonewall have turned the London Metropolitan Police Gay, and every other constabulary in turn. You can be sure that Tatchell and Co came up with the concept “Public Sex Environment” and helped formulated guidance on policing

Today much has changed and the police take advice on “sensitivity and fairness” in dealing with those who have sex in public places.

A Freedom of Information request, submitted last year, revealed specific guidelines, published in 2009 by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) on the policing of sex in public. The issue is significant enough for police that they use a standard term - Public Sex Environments (PSE).

PSEs are complex environments and the use of them for sexual activity is an emotive issue, which is more often than not exacerbated by negative stereotypes and prejudicial views," reads the guidance.
“It is our responsibility (with our partners) to make such places safe places for all users, and prevent and detect crimes. It is not our role to act as moral arbiters; we must enforce the law proportionately, firmly, fairly and in an even-handed way.”


Ahhh haa!! :male_detective:

So it was never about Private Sex Environments formerly known as Bedrooms after all!


Denmark asylum: Law passed to allow offshore asylum centres

" If you apply for asylum in Denmark, you know that you will be sent back to a country outside Europe, and therefore we hope that people will stop seeking asylum in Denmark ," said government spokesman Rasmus Stoklund, quoted by Reuters news agency.


One witness gave evidence that she was trafficked into Ireland on a promise by Edosa of earning up to €3,500 per month by working as a shop assistant but was forced into prostitution within days of arriving in Ireland which had been described to her as “the land of milk and honey”.

The 26-year-old mother of one said she had felt betrayed by Edosa who had arranged her travel from Nigeria to Ireland via Libya and Italy.

She recounted how she had been raped in Tripoli and used a false Irish passport to get through immigration at Dublin Airport.

The trial heard that Edosa had kept €44,000 of the woman’s earnings while also threatening to kill her son and entire family back in Nigeria if she did not follow instructions.

“I was like a sex machine and money-making machine for her,” the witness remarked.

She recounted how if she collected €1,000, she was only allowed to keep €10 for herself which sometimes left her starving for days.

The woman told counsel for the DPP, Fiona Murphy SC, that she would never have left Nigeria if she knew that she would end up working as a prostitute in Ireland.


Korean couples can’t afford a house and a baby

But it is not just the risk of people losing cash by overpaying on property that is worrying policy-makers.
Sky-high home prices are being blamed for one of the major societal issues in Korea today: its shrinking population.
Last year, South Korea recorded the lowest fertility rate in the developed world, at just 0.84 expected babies for each woman.


Getting to the stage where Irish couples won’t be able to afford a house and a baby…


Nowhere to defect to.


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Coronavirus 2020

I’d say that’s true of more and more jobs & careers now.