Immigration Population

What’s half a million for crying out loud?
Shure didn’t the leader of the greens say Ireland was well up for 5 million new arrivals, that the country can manage them??
And the public was there thinking no buster, when that many come on board they will quickly manage you, and we’re already seeing this

Coleman was just peddling the Coveney decree. What a dipstick


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Leicester has descended into religious warfare after tensions were simmering for weeks:

This is going to be a permanent problem imo.


Many such cases of Nigerian lousers relying on accusations of racism as a shield for their own bullying.

“He is disruptive, a blocker, not a team player, does the minimum he can get away with, disrespect for anyone in management position and all management processes … his playing the race card was cheap and nasty.”
Giving evidence at the tribunal, Dr Tyler said Dr Leary-Owhin’s race claims were “a game” and insisted that his comments during the disciplinary process had “no racial connotations”.
He added: “I stand by what I’ve written down.
“I regret using the term ‘race card’. I would not use it again, but they were my notes. If that’s your reaction to all of these issues that were raised in my notes, then I’m surprised you weren’t aware of them in the first place.
“What you did to me was bullying. You tried to undermine me throughout the Autumn of 2018.”

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Footage collection - outbreaks of diversity


This is the song playing at the end of the video; the guy’s real name is Ciarán and he still lives with his ma🤫

“this is how his client understood how to meet other people, “this is what he knew”.”

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Ireland is full, says the French.


How many free places on buses were given to Ukrainians?


Wonder how The Regime can help?

Here comes the repurposing of hotels…. At €135 per night per bed who could refuse.

And the person with a spare room gets €100 a week. What is the difference between a privately owned bed and a hotel bed ? €845

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in 1956, following the Soviet invasion of Hungary, Ireland placed a limit of 517 on the number refugees to be accepted, on the basis that the State could not properly care for larger numbers.