Interesting study from Dutch economists discussed here.

When they did a net breakdown of actual contributions to the economy of the Netherlands by different type of immigrants turns out highly educated immigrants and those who move to take up a job are all net contributors. Every other group, especially asylum seekers and immigrant from Margreb and Horn of Africa areas are a huge net cost to the Dutch taxpayer over their lifetime. Basically plus 250K net from educated / employed immigrants, up to minus 600K from all the rest.

When added to the low educational achievement of their kids and grand kids (by this stage) all that a non points based immigration system does, which is EU policy, is import a huge new welfare dependent underclass.


Since Australia has been closed for a year there is now a stream of claims that wages will rise because of the lack of skilled labour. So while skilled migration is useful it is a double edged sword and we already know what many of our politicians would do


Reserve Bank governor Phil Lowe says Australia’s closed international borders are having a huge impact on the labour market.

He said since employers could not “tap global labour markets” for workers like they used to, before the pandemic, Australia was starting to see pockets of wage increases in the economy.
“What used to happen before the pandemic is if there was a shortage in the labour market for a particular skill, firms could go overseas and tap the global labour market,” Dr Lowe said.
“That meant that if there was very strong demand for workers with a particular skill, the price, the wage, didn’t really move very much because you could go and get workers overseas.”
Dr Lowe said Australia’s level of immigration wasn’t necessarily the issue at the moment, it was the inability of employers to import workers from overseas to fill roles where there are labour shortages.

Dr Lowe said many firms were even trying to hold out until borders reopened.
“Firms are saying ‘well we don’t want to bid up the cost base now, because perhaps towards the end of the year there’ll be a way to get workers to come back in with skills that we really need’,” he said.
If that didn’t happen, he added, and borders were still closed a year from now, we would see more upward pressure on wages and inflation.
“It’s one of the uncertainties,” he said.


That’s 18 Jihadist terrorist arrests we didn’t used to have.

6 arrests for dissident republicans in contrast. So the Jihadists outnumbered them 3:1


Fun one for today:

A pro-Islamic Party Nyanset (Nuance Party) is targeting Sweden’s Turkish and Muslim communities in a bid to reach the election threshold of 4% and enter parliament in the 2022 elections.

Party leader Mikail Yüksel announced to his 200 followers on TikTok on Friday that the party’s posters have even been put up in Turkey. Founded in 2019, the party could potentially gain a large following in Sweden, which is home to an estimated 810,000 Muslims, or around 8.1% of the population. Of these, around 50,000 people have Turkish origins.


JIHADI suspects were using social welfare payments during the Covid 19 pandemic to help fund Islamic terror groups overseas, the Irish Sun can reveal.

Specialist investigators from the Gardai’s Counter Terrorism International Unit - part of the Special Detective Unit - established that cash from PUP payments was being transferred to groups such as Islamic State in Syria and Hamas in Lebanon.

Yeah, yeah it’s the Sun


That’s Racist. Or ist. Or phobic.

It’s istphobic.


That’s a coincidence!

I think I might be phobicist…

Nobody’s perfect :upside_down_face:


“I started actively engaging with my friends, encouraging them and sharing the advantages of getting more politically active, because we talk about issues in terms of getting access to work, getting equal opportunity, and government is where policy is decided upon, where legislation is drawn up,” Adejinmi said.

This is where we can really try to start influencing things to make sure that when policies are being rolled out, when regulations are being made, every aspect of society is being catered for,” she said.

Longford is a great bastion of diversity at this stage. No doubt the large number of empties 10 years ago was not a coincidence.

The irony of Fianna Fail, the great isolationists of the past going full on ‘woke’, who would have seen it coming 25 years ago


Spotted, groomed, manufactured, unelected, co-opted, appointed…


For the specifics: in 2019 she received 248 votes, placing her 30th overall in the 18 seat county council and 10th in Longford Town which has 7 seats. This is a textbook example of how the NGO complex is subverting democracy; I assume a Seanad seat is already being sized up for her. The comments from the NPCs in The Journal are a clue to how this is being enabled: they are literally just repeating back slogans about diversity and progress that the regime has been pumping out. Some of them are saying this is one in the eye for Justin Barrett, which is ironic IMO, because one could make an argument that Adejinmi is actually a low-level and unwitting functionary in a fascist movement.


And the usual bland, non-descriptive explanation of origin that we see on all these stories about African immigrants
“Adejinmi came to Longford from Nigeria in 2003”

So she came either as an asylum seeker (90% or so of whom are bogus) or she exploited the Irish born baby citizenship loophole at the time.
Either way, she scammed her way into the country but that will never be mentioned.


Fun campaign there!

More than 20% of the electorate are of south Asian origin, and were a major target of electioneering by Workers Party candidate George Galloway concentrating on the issues of the Palestinian territories, the Kashmir conflict, criticism of Labour leader Keir Starmer, the suspension of a teacher for showing a cartoon of Muhammad at Batley Grammar School and the reopening of a police station in Batley. Historically this community were strong supporters of the Labour Party, but there has been discontent at the waiving of Labour party rules to allow Leadbeater to be the only local candidate in the selection process, excluding local councillors from the community.[26][50][51][52]

On 23 June, four of the candidates participated in an online hustings organised by YorkshireLive: George Galloway, Kim Leadbeater, Corey Robinson (Yorkshire Party candidate), and Ryan Stephenson.[53][52]

On 26 June, Kim Leadbeater was heckled and chased by a group of men while campaigning, after being questioned about her support for LGBT rights and her party’s position on Kashmir.[54] The man who challenged her claimed to be speaking on behalf of Muslim parents in the region and had led protests against LGBT-inclusive teaching at schools in Birmingham.[55] During an interview following the incident, Leadbeater accused Galloway of laughing at the situation from across the street. Galloway called the accusation “a lie” and condemned the abuse Leadbeater faced.[56] On 27 June, Brabin and a group of Labour campaigners were attacked by three men.[57]


Not Ireland but Same Same

The clearest macroeconomic impact of net immigration for New Zealand is on the housing market, ANZ Research has found. They concluded their report with this statement.


This article is fascinating for it’s ethnonarcissism from all the contributors. You’ll see a copy and paste of this on Pravda or the Irish Times shortly.

What’s difficult is when people come into the shop and they quite clearly have ‘a face’ at you."
Criminologist and co-author of Rural Racism, Prof Neil Chakraborty, describes that “face” as “covert racism” and says victims are often left unsure if what they are experiencing is discrimination

Now Chakraborty is an Indian name. Would Neil agree that “face” is an entirely natural thing that a European would encounter much more in rural India than England. And if “face” is the determinant then India is therefore much more racist.

Now Louisa Adoja Parker is interesting. She says

This is my home. In terms of my culture, I’m a white west-country person but, in terms of my looks, I look like I’m from somewhere else."

But later it’s quite clear that she isn’t really a white west-country person. Because white west country people need to change. And they need to take collective guilt for the misdeeds of ancestors who they may have no relation to.

“If we see a black African-American man being killed at the hands of the police in America, it might feel as though that’s got nothing to do with us, nothing to do with Dorset,” she said.
"But actually it was white men from Dorset and the west country who left the area, travelled around the world, colonised other countries, set up plantations, enslaving people, and they were some of the first people instrumental in setting up the systems of white supremacy that we see today.
“With all these conversations going on in the media about race, Meghan Markel and Black Lives Matter, I think it is quite easy to educate yourself, there are lots of resources out there.”

Now Phil Young just doesn’t understand heuristics. And he definitely doesn’t like collective guilt. It’s perfectly reasonable to be more likely to think a black man is a drug dealer. Black men in hoodies are much more likely to be drug dealers. It’s not something “the media tells us”, it’s a “fact”

He said: "When I go to the countryside I have a fantastic time and most of the people are really friendly and happy to see you but it’s still very difficult if five young black men wearing hoodies go into a country pub.
"For the rest of that pub to look around and go, ‘are these guys here to sell drugs?’ because that’s what the media tells us.


As a western woman (yes I know but allow me this one) I would travel alone in Dorset. And many other countries, including some in Middle East (and have done on short trips).

I do not think I would want to travel alone in rural India, or even suburbs of some Indian cities. Maybe Sri Lanka or Kerala, but not even still…


Wow what a low , the BBC hey. The people pulling the strings really want zero opposition to totally unchecked migration.

The global labour market.

It’s like they initially fanned the flames but it’s grown out of control


We probably need an NGO to tackle this


Take your pick


Ivana Batshit expected to be rewarded for her illegal migrant amnesty bill with a Dail seat in Dublin Bay South. She couldn’t win a dail seat in countless attempts before this. D4/D6 loving the diversity, man. We watch on with bated breath.

Oh and Fianna Fail slumping to their worst by-election vote ever

44% of boxes tallied and Fianna Fáil have less than 4% of the vote