Future Labour leader I hope


She’s a big supporter of the Hate Speech Bill too.


This symbolic use of a football pitch is getting well established now


To think this is not a calculated symbolic knife in the heart of the Irish Nation, it is a cognitive and symbolic assault that is being repeated as an symbolic assault ceremony on the psyche of the nation:

  1. The purpose of The Christ was to put an end to blood sacrifices (exactly this lark)

  2. Sunday Bloody -

… because if Croke Park is not the symbolic Heart of the Irish Nation then what is?

Now ask yourself - Do you think the House of Saud would let a few Irish play a game of GAA in Mecca?


It can’t come too cheap to hire out either. It is not necessary and provocative given the history of the ground and what it represents in Irish life.

Large crowds are not allowed, so this does not warrant the hiring of a 69,000 seater stadium, one of the largest stadiums in Europe.

So a venue such as Morton Stadium in Santry is handier to the M50, and perfectly adequate for the ‘visiting dignitaries’

Or instead use any of the other 100 odd football pitches dotted around Dublin.


It’s called “in yer face”.



Recently, an eastern European man, who is wanted for an alleged attempted rape in his home country, was arrested after an alert showed up on SIS II that there was a European arrest warrant in effect. Gardaí believe he absconded from his native country directly to Ireland, where he lived openly for several years until his arrest.

“There has been a marked increase in European arrest warrant cases coming through the system since March,” Mr Storan said.

He said SIS II has streamlined a previously “laborious process”, where countries had to send an arrest warrant to the Irish High Court in the hope a suspect was living here.

Previously people with arrest warrants in other countries had been able to live openly in Ireland under a real name and with a genuine PPS number, he said. The new system makes it much more likely such people will be caught.


It may be too late for Sweden already, but at least someone is trying

New migration rules have come into effect in Sweden, making residence permits for refugees time-limited in the first instance instead of permanent.

The law was approved by the Swedish parliament last month. It replaces temporary legislation that was brought in five years ago in a bid to bring down record numbers of asylum requests.

Before the changes in 2016, since 1984 the Scandinavian country always issued permanent residency permits to refugees and asylum seekers as a rule of thumb.

The new rules, put forward by the Social Democrat-Green government in late April, turn this norm on its head. Permits will only be renewed if the circumstances under which they were first issued still apply.

It also introduces the possibility of Swedish language and civic knowledge tests for anyone wanting to stay in the country for longer, the full details of which will be laid out in a separate process.


Baffling that that wasnt the case to begin with, If I go on holiday to a foreign country I would take note of useful phrases, yet for citizenship you can be completely monolingual. Immigration and the current status quo in Europe depresses me, you could not design a worse system.


You think the folk who go on holdays to benasomewhere give a fk about the language? The same fking crowd who sleepwalked into the injection chambers.


Fit right In


It’s amazing how sympathetic the Guardian and the left in general is to Islam while Christianity is kicked and scorned at every opportunity. The left is weird.


It’s not amazing or weird at all. Everything that destabilizes European Christianity and Nations is good.

I mean, some the wiser ones can see that it’s a dumb strategy to cosy up to Islam, but the fact there are outliers who see it doesn’t change the strategy.


THE LIVES OF up to up to 100 foreign nationals, including children, alleged to be squatting in a Dublin city centre apartment block, are in deadly danger, a judge was told today.

Judge John O’Connor told retired solicitor Mel Kilraine’s legal team they could apply to the Circuit Civil court tomorrow to have it consider their forcible removal for their own safety.

He directed that Tusla, the child and family protection service, as well as the Garda Commissioner and Dublin City Council be alerted immediately to the potential danger to the occupants of Five Belvedere Place, Dublin.

Barrister Sean O’Sullivan, who appeared with Tommy Owens for Kilraine, of Henry Street, Bailieborough, Co Cavan, told the court all fire protection equipment had been torn off the walls in the building after dozens had broken into premises during June and July.

An insight into the sorts of squats operating in Dublin City Centre


Regime approved only need apply.


Is that Justin finished so?


Love me fish n chips
Love me kneeling footballers
Love me stabbing at a old free speech area
Simple as !



No such thing as a native Finn that’s wrong speak.


Albanian nationals make up the largest number of foreign national offenders in UK prisons, totalling 16% of the foreign national offenders (FNO) population.

Loka was sentenced at the same court on Monday to the maximum sentence of two years’ imprisonment, which will take into account time served while on remand.

Loka, an Albanian national who had entered the country illegally, claimed that he fled because he had panicked about the consequences for his immigration stattus

After an extensive search campaign, Loka handed himself in almost four weeks after the incident and was arrested.

He actually only served 1 DAY in prison because of time on remand