Nz pm apologises for raid in the 1970s that deported illegal visa overstayers


Interesting article - if you ignore the agenda

“Black men raised in the top 1 percent — by millionaires — were as likely to be incarcerated as white men raised in households earning about $36,000,” explained a New York Times article, complete with graphics to let you follow different kids’ paths.


Extrapolating differences in experience between whites and blacks as a means to promote the narrative of dispossession amongst ‘people of colour’ generally is pure tripe.

By way of basic starting points, Asians outperform whites (and everyone else) across the board. Also African immigrants outperform native born African Americans by multiples. They should look into why this is the case.


Journofa stuff - all right questions left unasked

Does Teresa Mannion not have a spare room ?


The first generation does, after that we see reversion to the mean

The next time you hear a white leftist (or even a black leftist) claim that academic exams/testing is culturally biased, you should agree, and then tell him that IQ tests were invented by yellow supremacists to make white people look bad

Coronavirus 2020


Thread on boards has been tracking Ireland’s population on

According to that the Population of Ireland had gone past 5 million for the first time since around 1861 and the aftermath of the famine.

Ireland has gained nearly 1.5 million people since Census 1996. That’s an almost 40% increase in just 25 years and very significant.

That is almost a Northern Ireland added since 1996. Mainly through migration.

‘We just can’t afford a united Ireland’ wha? :eyes:

Then we add on the illegals/undocumented, could it be 5.5m with this, who knows.

We will probably hit 6m officially before 2030 and most of them might sit up then and take notice.


Fascinating article. According to Dutch statistics, Coveney’s decision to push for 200 Afghans will probably cost €100 million.

There is a very big difference in financial contribution according to the reason for gaining entry to the country:
Those coming to take up a job generate a positive net contribution of, on average, €125,000 ($152,500) per immigrant.
Those coming to study cost €75,000 ($91,500) per immigrant.
Those entering for “family formation” or “family reunification” cost €275,000 ($335,500) per immigrant. (Get one immigrant, then get their marriage partner, then get other family members including elderly parents).
Asylum seekers cost €475,000 ($579,500) per immigrant.

“The Borderless Welfare State” Jan van de Beek, Hans Roodenburg, Joop Hartog and Gerrit Kreffer, 2021, Amsterdam School of Economics.
(English abstract begins on page 19)
The authors stick closely to the economics of immigration, and report their findings in financial terms, without going into any deeper causes.

archived link =>


When you consider that almost as many people leave as arrive (and native birth rates are through the floor, i.e. below replacement levels), then approx. 3 million foreign persons have arrived (some temporarily) in that time. Incredible. As for the 1.5 million net, it certainly feels that way.


Its a real double whammy, which few people understand. Most of the reasons for the low birth rate are well known, but the role of house prices and new family formation is never talked about. As far as I can tell only Orbán in Hungry is trying to do something about this, but officially we all have to hate him and his country. I wonder does there exist in the Ireland, a thoughtful landlord, who ponders a possible link between high rents/house prices and his lack of grand children, probably not, far too busy counting his money, them boys from Brazil are just fantastic

While walking down Talbot Street awards Connolly station last week, as I passed the 4th or 5th group of Gypsies, another question popped into my head, how long before the Gypsy population is larger than the Traveller population. Depends on who you ask I suppose, the correct answer is never, its not possible, but at the current rate I’d expect to see it some day


So this will be rammed through with little opposition within the political establishment.

And no public debate because FF/FG will run and hide when concerned citizens raise the issue.

It is painted by FF/FG as ‘once in a generation’ which generally means that they will repeat this once every 25 years.

“This is a once in a generation scheme to regularise the undocumented. We always ask the Americans to do it for the Irish. To have credibility, we need to be doing the same,” Mr Browne told the Sunday Independent .

Disgustingly FF/FG use the Irish illegally in America to justify their gombeen schemes. The illegal Irish in America were often escaping the FF/FG regime and the living standards they created in their home country. Many will feel they owe FF/FG nothing.

17,000 will just be the start, once the family reunification starts, and Ireland is seen as an even softer touch than it has been up to now.

When the journal ‘fact checked’ the undocumented Irish in America it found:

the best available research evidence weighs in favour of John Deasy’s claim that the undocumented Irish population in America is around 10,000 to 15,000 people.

These 10-15,000 Irish are probably oblivious that they are seen by FF/FG as justification for the continued plantation of Ireland on a level Cromwell could only fantasise about.


Maybe there’s a lesson from history there if anyone bothers to join the dots.


Like all good Ponzi schemes the head gets a frisson when you sit and ponder


Way back in the 80s the brains of Fianna Fail, Brian Lenihan said, “we can’t all live on a small island” so of course the 50K people leaving each year was a good thing, at the time the population was 3.5 million, so at some point the Fianna Gael policy must have changed, they just never told us

Oh BTW since Brian died, the position of brains of Fianna Gael remains vacant, if you can count to 20 without taking off your socks, I’d say the job is yours



Coming soon to a town near you



If allowing people to stay in a country who have no right to do so makes you an “organised crime” group, then the Irish government must be the biggest mafia going.

Really, the only mistake these guys made was that they weren’t wearing suits and ties to conduct their business. They should have applied for a job at the Department of Justice – then they could have done all the same kind of business legally, getting paid handsomely for it, and been right as rain.


You have to Lol at Bohemians fans letting their globohomo controllers down and then getting threatened. Watch the tactic - they want “self policing”, if not they will exile offenders. These are awful people who have taken over the administration of a “Fan owned Club”

Feb 2020

Bohemians have teamed up with Amnesty International to create a new away shirt featuring an image of a family fleeing war and the message “Refugees Welcome”.
The Dublin team have come together with the organisation to highlight the tough living conditions facing many refugees under Ireland’s Direct Provision, the system for processing asylum seekers that has been in operation in the country since 2000 that Amnesty says is “flawed” and a “human rights scandal”.

August 2021

Former Bohemians player Danny Mandroiu was a target for abuse in the cup win over Rovers with some chants about the player’s girlfriend aimed in his direction.
Just 800 fans were present at the game, with the attendance restricted to members or season-ticket holders.
Bohs said the ‘overwhelming majority’ had supported the team in the right way, but a minority had cast a shadow over the aftermath.

Bohs suggested that supporters should be conscious of the actions of those around them while providing a reminder that they are in a position to sanction offenders.
“As a member-owned club, there is a certain level of self-policing required,” the letter continued.
"We, therefore, take this opportunity to remind all supporters that any abuse or chanting that is deemed misogynistic or sexist simply cannot be tolerated, and that also applies to abuse that is racist, sectarian, xenophobic or homophobic.
"As stated in our ground regulations, anyone engaged in such abuse may be ‘arrested, prosecuted and banned from the club’ while we also reserve the right to revoke memberships and season tickets.


Migration and integration have become key issues for voters in Denmark, which boasts some of Europe’s toughest immigration policies.

The Danish government, which has set a target of zero asylum applications, said the plan was designed to help migrants assimilate into society.

“We want to introduce a new work logic where people have a duty to contribute and be useful, and if they can’t find a regular job, they have to work for their allowance,” Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen told reporters.

“For too many years we have done a disservice to a lot of people by not demanding anything of them,” she added of the plan, which needs to be approved by lawmakers.

We can probably now expect Denmark to join Britain, Poland and Hungary as Pariah States in the eyes of the Irish establishment