Immunity Raising - The Amish and how they fast walked to good health

Notable things:

  • No mention of Loadz a’ dyin’ in the Amish Community
  • They’re sorted, not much to report.
  • Experts “skeptical”

Them Amish must be fast-walkers, cause when it comes to building gaffs…

“To shut down and say that we can’t go to church, we can’t get together with family, we can’t see our old people in the hospital, we got to quit working…. It’s going completely against everything that we believe in and you’re changing our culture completely in asking us to act like they wanted us to act the last year. We’re not going to do it.”

Calvin Lapp, an Amish Mennonite

The Facts:

  • Amish communities of thousands in Lancaster, PA chose to not lockdown and instead went on with life in 2020.
  • Their communities were infected by COVID but death rates were not any higher than other places.
  • They lived life normally, did not wear masks and stuck to their values and culture.

Reflect On:

  • How much value should we put on living life to the fullest instead of focusing on reducing COVID cases at all costs?
  • How many lives were lost as a result of harsh lockdowns?
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