Impact of Plantation Asylum Migrant Refugees on Tourism Ireland

The tourism sector is an essential component of Ireland’s employment base. It supports around 325,000 jobs on the island of Ireland.

Tourism industries directly employ 225 500 people, accounting for 10.3% of total employment


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“It is not the hoteliers responsibility to effectively subsidise visitor attractions”


GERRY BYRNE WHEN Lorraine Sweeney quit as chairperson of the Small Firms Association (SFA) in 1998 after a very productive term of office, she didn’t sit back on her laurels.

Sweeney simply carried on where she left off, running an ever-expanding hotel and catering business. But anyone who had witnessed her tireless work on behalf of the SFA might have assumed she did little else. During her reign the SFA successfully campaigned for reduced corporation tax for small businesses, the introduction of late-payment legislation, reduction in employers’ PRSI, recognition of the SFA as a social partner and hundreds of millions worth of additional small business loans.

A year after resigning as SFA chair, she had added another hotel, 65-bedroom Woodland Court, to her growing little empire. Her own-account business career commenced in 1991 when she cashed in her 10 per cent share in Campbells, earned over an 18-year stint, and she bought Four Star Pizza and the Beshoff chipper on O’Connell Street. She bought her first hotel, the shuttered Summerhill in Enniskerry in 1993. More recently she acquired the Esplanade on Bray’s waterfront. But she didn’t forsake public life entirely. She remained on the SFA council for a term after quitting as chair and is now on the national executive of its parent body, IBEC. She is a director of Hibernian Insurance and is a Government nominee on the advisory board of Ireland Aid, which co-ordinates State aid to the Third World.

  • article above from October 26 2003

Lorraine Sweeney of the Wilton Hotel in Bray, Co Wicklow

Lorraine Sweeney owns four hotels in Wicklow and a restaraunt in Dublin.

Nor is it the responsibility of the Irish people to subsidise the housing needs of the world by forfeiting their country, homeland and homes by subsidising Hotels and ancillary services etc.



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Ireland is currently too cold & damp to grow coffee, it’s imported to our island, hence expensive.

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