Important Change to daft Site

Anyone notice that the Last Renewed ( 200 Days ago ) or (2 days ago) feature has gone from the Daft site so you no longer have no idea how long a property has been hanging around there !??!!

It’s still there for lettings. I can kinda understand that being removed. It always seemed like more info than you ‘need’ to know. I know it’s interesting, but in general sellers divulge info on a need to know basis.

Letting agencies renew their ads every day. I assume it’s to get it back to the top of the list, but it must be a game between them as if everyone renews their ads between 9am and 10am for example, someone still ends up at the bottom of the list.

I didn’t know this until an EA told me! But the properties on the top of and search list have paid a premium to be there (€100 for a week I think). If you look there is a red line across the page which indicates the end of the premium listings…

Anyone know how much per week/month it is to have your house on and There are a couple of houses near me which have been for sale for 15 months now, aside from lost rent of around €2,000 per month (plus the interest on any loan they are paying), I wonder how much the advertising is costing?

Plus the upkeep of the house in the meantime as well as the fact that we all know that prices have dropped by up to 15% already.
I sense real pain here.

That is a bad move from the DAFT lads, the premium ads are and have always been fair enough… Bit hard not to spot that though but this is yet another piece of information being stripped away making things less transparent…

You’d have to wonder what was the story with all those 100 day plus properties, even 50 days since last renewed etc, increasingly, I guess it just reflected the actual waiting time… Will the next DAFT report include information on how long the average gaff is taking to sell, or will they now strip this out too??? :question:

I know of a property which was withdrawn from sale, but was still on Daft a long time later (47 days when I last saw it.)

EA’s just pay an annual sub to DAFT so there is no cost involved in leaving a property on the site.

Probably more like that…

So is the inventory overstated or understated on daft do we believe?

Understated, and the reason is explained in the fourth post down on this page - some houses are not even listed on DAFT - and this number we’d expect to be greater than the number of duplicates on DAFT

There’s one house that I noticed back in April (I think) that’s still listed on for exactly the same price. It hasn’t moved a penny.

Houses all around it keep popping up with ever lower asking prices, but no move on this one.

I have no real intention of buying it, it just caught my eye, now it’s been so long it’s become a sort of facination.

If it’s still there in April, one year after I saw it, I’m going to call the EA and find out what’s going on.