Improving upon BER Rating


While looking at properties to purchase I have come across wildly different BER ratings for properties that look very similiar to the untrained eye.

I would be very interested in seeing some case studies that show {BEFORE} property and its BER rating and {AFTER} when work has been done its new BER rating and what was done to achieve it and the cost involved.

Do you know of any websites showing this transition?


I don’t know of any websites, but I can tell you some fairly inane (though not inexpensive) not things go a long way.

  1. A front porch with a door
  2. TRV’s
  3. LED/CFL lighting

I do faintly recall an excel spreadsheet that assessors use, they plugin room dimensions and other parameters and get a rating - if this exists then you can gauge the effect of changes yourself


Can’t answer your question with regards to a website, but a few items can really change a BER, notably:

Wall insulation (internal or external).
Attic insulation.
Light bulbs (no kidding).
New gas boiler or storage heaters.
Extra door between front and inside house.
Water tank (yup, you’d be surprised how many aren’t insulated)
Obviously having solar or similar bumps it up considerably too.

Edit: Just to add, a BER assessor will advise you on how to achieve a higher rating.


How common would be be to contact an estate agent and ask for the BER report and assessors recommendations and to actually receive it?


If you didn’t pay for it, then I’m not sure they are obliged to (or even can) release it.
Are they available online ?


Not sure if this is what you mean, but you can download the BER report at
with the BER number given on each ad.

It seems to be quite a generalised, standard form document, but does give some info specific to the property.


That’s what I meant.


I was bidding on a house last year, the listing on daft had a BER rating, so I asked for the number. I had to chase him for 3 weeks and the date on the BER when I finally got it was last week so and it was lower than advertised - don’t believe a rating unless you download the report yourself.

I think as a bidder you’ve every right to get the BER number - isn’t this one of the purposes of a BER, to allow buyers differentiate properties based on energy efficiency?



The assessors report is not on that website which would be useful to read but its good to be able to check the validity of the BER report.


By law the seller needs to have BER when selling. In practice I see a lot who don’t advertise the rating on daft/myhome and say sure we’ll have it before the sale closes.


It’s impossible to close a sale without one.


Why are some houses showing BER Exempt?

For example:


Protected structures are exempt.
For example, if you are not allowed replace your windows, then there’s no point in ‘‘penalising’’ you with a bad BER.

Here’s a slightly more detailed explanation.,exempt%20from%20requiring%20BER%20certificates.


So as a protected structure* there would be additional restrictions placed on this house than your average 4 bed detached house in Dublin?

How would I find out what these extra restrictions would be for this house for example?

*assuming this is the reason it’s listed as BER exempt


Call the agent and find out the exact reason for the exemption.

Might only be external restrictions, thus allowing you to insulate the hell out of it on the inside.


This may help.
I know it changed my sons mind on buying an old electric heated apartment with 1700 euro a year maintenance fees in his desired location (320k to an A2 rated 3 bed new build near the dart at almost 60k more
He reckons he has saved 3300 euro on fees and heating costs and would rather put that into the mortgage
He reckons in 5-10 years time D and lower rated homes will be that highly taxed that they will be unsaleable and with apt its practically impossible to improve the BER to any significant degree